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Helping Others

Sitting down, you can reach the world. You can feel the kundalini of any person in the whole world and you can cure the chakras or improve the chakras of the other person. Sitting down here you can do it. You can tell about the condition of the kundalini of another person. Shri Mataji, 1977 […]

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Reaching for the Stars

The sky at night is breath-takingly beautiful with millions of stars in their familiar constellations.  From time immemorial it has been a humbling experience for humans to consider the vastness of the universe and the steadfastness of the planets which continue in their orbits.  Astrology has also held a fascination for us for thousands of […]

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One day in London, in one of the countless sessions that she granted so benevolently, Shri Mataji was working on a Sahaja Yogi and there was a blockage on the finger corresponding to the right side of the throat chakra. We were sitting around him, all feeling the same pressure in our corresponding finger. Shri […]

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