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Buddha and Realisation



Buddha was the son of a king and one day he was shocked to see a very old, thin man walking on the street, a very unhappy person, and He felt very sad about it.  Then He saw another person who was very sick and about to die. Then He saw a man who was dead and people were carrying him to the cremation ground. This all upset Him very much and He started thinking about it and seeking what is the reason for all these happenings in human beings. Firstly, why do they become so miserable or sick? Or why do they die so miserably?

The reason He found out in His search. He went around the whole world, I should say, in the sense that He did Upanishads. He read, went to many gurus, went to many places of spiritual education. Banares, everywhere He went and ultimately He was sitting under a banyan tree when suddenly His kundalini was awakened by the Adi Shakti and He got His Realisation. Then He realised the reason for all this is desire.

In Sahaja Yoga, now we have understood that all other desires are not pure desires.

Firstly, whatever desires are fulfilled, we are not satisfied … and secondly, all these desires have a repercussion.

So what is the pure desire? That, you all know, is the kundalini. Kundalini is the power of pure desire which fulfills your pure desire to be the spirit, to be Buddha, to be enlightened.

Buddha means a person who is enlightened. So Gautama became Buddha…

Shri Mataji, 1991

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Shri Mataji, Easter 1988Christ’s message of love and forgiveness is the same even today, preached by all – all the saints, all the incarnations, all the prophets. They all have said about love and forgiveness. If it was challenged or people felt that this won’t work out, they were asked to have faith in what was said.
Shri Mataji, 1996

If you love a person, you do forgive. You don’t feel bad. Not to forgive is dificult, but to forgive is the best. At least when you forgive, there is no headache for you.

So this love, which is joy … when this love melts and flows like a river and gives nourishment to all the surrounding trees on the shores, that is the time. It is the completion of the individuality or a personality of that love. And that’s the time it feels fulfilled. It’s not just that you have a light in the corner, but it has to flow, it has to move, it has to flourish. Love is not something dead like a stone. When it melts, it encompasses everything and everything becomes very beautiful with that.

So you have to first understand that life is for giving joy to others because you are now saints and your light has to give joy.
Shri Mataji, 1991

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Ready for Transformation


During an early visit to New Zealand, Shri Mataji was interviewed live by a well-known radio personality who had a reputation for cynicism and aggression. The exchange began with some hard-hitting questions about religion, the world situation and other contentious subjects. Shri Mataji answered with Her usual relaxed aplomb.

Health became the topic and the interviewer admitted that he was diabetic. Shri Mataji talked about the causes of diabetes and the way in which it can be overcome through Self Realisation, which She explained. As the interview progressed, the interviewer became more sympathetic and positive.

‘Are you a Messiah? A prophet?’ he eventually asked. Shri Mataji didn’t reply and suddenly the interviewer started saying, ‘I can feel this coolness on my hands! When I bring them together it feels as if I’m holding a ball of cool wind!’ He explained how, at the beginning of the interview he was very sceptical, ‘but now I can feel it.’

The workers at the radio station couldn’t believe what they were hearing. What the interviewer was saying was so out of character. They crowded around the studio window to watch and listen.

Later the interviewer said he could feel the coolness in his head.

‘What about everybody else?’ he asked.

‘They can get it too,’ said Shri Mataji. ‘Just tell them to put their hands out to the radio and they will get it.’

That evening Shri Mataji told us that although the interviewer had a bad reputation, underneath he was quite humble, and so was ready for his transformation.

‘That is why he felt it so strongly,’ She said.

The radio programme prompted a number of newspaper articles, all very respectful of Shri Mataji and very positive about Sahaja Yoga. Shri Mataji has told this story many times around the world.

Brian Bell

From: Eternally Inspiring Recollections of Our Holy Mother. Volume 4 – Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Pune, India: Nirmal Transformation, 2007.

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Patience is the nature of Shri MatajiAs people start becoming collective, they do not bother others, they do not trouble others, but they give joy to others. They are not bothered about their going and coming, their eating and everything. They just don’t behave like mundane, usual type of people, but they are very patient – saburi, as they call it. They are in the patience.

Now this patience is most joy-giving. Patience gives you the greatest joy. When you are patient, you develop all your qualities. I think in patience you blossom the best. But patience is not just to be patient. Patience is also a kind of a state within us. With just this patience … you just watch and see. Wherever you are, you are.

Now some people are worried that they must get into the bus. Some people are worried they must reach back home. Some people are worried they must get their food in time. According to them this is discipline. This is not. This is conditioning. But what is the discipline is of patience in Sahaja Yoga, where you watch everything and you are patient. If you are in the bus, you are there. If you are standing on the road, you are there. If you are walking on the road, you are there. On the contrary, it is a good idea to walk…. It’s a very good idea. Leisurely you can walk … to feel that, “I have to walk. I have to go there.” Once you start thinking you get exhausted sitting here, even if you have not walked. So it is important that patience should be made the discipline of life….

Patience is my quality. It’s my nature which I enjoy most of all…. If I lost my way, I enjoy it because I am there to enjoy myself.

Shri Mataji, 1988

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The Power of a Child


In 2005 we had a Sahaja Yogi family as a neighbour. At that time their daughter was in second class, around seven years old. One day she told us that her teacher asked the children how they pray to God. Then the child said that we have an energy inside us which loves us very much, and if we pray to that energy that will give all of us lots of love. Then the teacher asked her to pray.

Then she made all the children take off their shoes, open their hands, close their eyes and pray to Mother Kundalini, for Her to give all of us the love of God and make us good children. Then she asked the other children to check above their heads, and many of them felt vibrations.

There was a child in her class who had met with an accident. So she told all of them that if we pray for him to Mother [Shri Mataji], She will cure him. So then again all the  children prayed for this child to help him cure faster.

She told us this experience and we were so amazed, and she was hardly seven years old at that time. The “kidshakti” [power of children] is really spontaneous, and they all are great souls of this universe incarnating on this earth for doing the work of Shri Adi Shakti, the Almighty Creator of this universe.

Summeer and Shilpa

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