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Sahaja Yoga in Myanmar

Sahaja Yoga in Myanmar

Here is a brief report about the Sahaja Yoga public programs held on 15 and 16 November 2008 in Mandalay, Myanmar. With so many people having received their Self-realisation in what is probably the geographical centre of Myanmar, these divine vibrations will now certainly flow to the four corners of this beautiful land and change the destiny of all its people.

Greta More

The first program, 15 November, Saturday, was in the ballroom with set-up for 250 people.  It was overwhelmingly full, with no space for some who stayed at the foyer listening.  At least 300 people received their Self-realisation. It was attended also by the Indian Consulate-General and Vice-Consul with their spouses.

Realisation in Mandalay, Myanmar

Realisation in Mandalay, Myanmar

The second program on 16 November, Sunday, was held in the pool area to accommodate more people. About 150 people or more got their Self-realisation through Music Therapy Meditation. 
The vibrations are tremendously flowing. 
So much appreciation to the Thai Sahaja Yoga collective and all the Sahaj family.  Your love has made this all possible. Thanks to all the dieties who really make the preparations flowing like the river of Irrawardy (the biggest river in Myanmar). But of course we felt the attention of Our Beloved Mother as we felt Her presence, really.
I have no words to describe more.  
Chelie Tanaka

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Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja YogaThe truth is that we are part and parcel of the whole and the spirit is the one which is the collective being. That means it connects you with everyone. When, in your awareness, in concsiousness, you become the spirit, you feel the spirit of another person and this spirit is the power behind this love. This spirit, once you feel it, you never change your ideas. In this spirit, you see the truth, you see the beauty of another person, you enjoy the love of another person. And this truth – that you are part and parcel of the whole – fills you up with tremendous security…. But I have to just tell you very lovingly and with great request that you have to just enter into that and you will see that reality is the most beautiful thing that gives you all the security that you want.

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga, 1984

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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The Hoyts Cinema in Charlestown near Newcastle, Australia, opened its doors for a totally different cinema experience, and the people of nearby Lake Macquarie definitely took advantage. Over sixty seekers poured in to see ‘“Freedom and Liberation”, a film about Shri Mataji’s life.

Two musicians performed songs of serene joy before a short introductory talk. Not one person left and all but a couple stayed to receive their realisation.

The gentle voice of a Sahaja yogi took the audience through the affirmations of Self-realisation. Once again the silence was deep. At the conclusion the yogi summed up the experience beautifully with the comment, “The seed has been planted and now it is up to you to grow.”

This is the best part of Sahaja Yoga: there is no pressure ever. Although the greatest desire is to have as many people come to learn to meditate,  Sahaja yogis will never preach or try a hard sell, as  Shri Mataji’s words always ring true with people and the practical results of her meditation techniques speak loudly for themselves.

The following feedback from the Charlestown presentation proves this to be true!

Meditation great!

 I missed the film but the after-experience was beautiful. Very uplifting!

It was lovely. Thank you.

Interesting to hear about Sahaja Yoga meditation and I have enjoyed the experience for five weeks. It’s awakening and spiritually wonderful.

I appreciated that you let the film do the talking and minimised any “preaching”- a good approach for an introduction.

Very peaceful influence.

Very enlightening.

I really enjoyed the documentary. I had not heard of Nirmala Devi before and I enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you.

Thanks. The fact that it was free is a strong symbol of sincerity.

Very enlightening. Liked the meditation.

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Depiction of the raising of the Kundalini

Depiction of the raising of the Kundalini in Sahaja Yoga

The raising of the Kundalini manifests a spontaneous power of tuning in. She grants integration and redemption, the Holy Ghost within. We indeed have walked through the secret passage to the other side of the screen of our existence. The potential unfolds, the mechanism is found, the divide between man and God is crossed. Because, in the last analaysis, the oldest love story is between Him and us. Lao Tzu spoke of ‘The Way’, Confucius of ‘The Path’, Shri Krishna, of yoga, Christ, of the second birth. When we can go more fully into the state of thoughtless awareness, or Nirvichara Samadhi, after some deepening practice of Sahaja meditation, we realize that the state of Being is accessible. The opening of the last chakra opens to us the bliss of pure freedom, without limitation of any kind. When we love, we know, and by manifesting the Kundalini, He gave us, through His compassion, the way of knowing. The oldest love story in the world is between God and His creation.

Gregoire de Kalbermatten writing about Sahaja Yoga in The Third Advent. Camberwell: Penguin Group, 2003. P. 308.

(Graphic: www.sahajayoga.ca)

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Balancing Ourselves

Pink frangipanni

Pink frangipanni

But the spirit itself is a sensitive thing. It is there, no doubt. It stays there, no doubt. But that it should shine in our attention, you have to know that your attention has to be congenial to the spirit. If the attention is not congenial, then the spirit doesn’t shine. The spirit will shine on an attention which is steady. Steady it. By balancing, you bring a steady state. Balance your thoughts.  Balance your eyes. Balance your desires. Try to balance it. Ego and super-ego – you balance it. Attention is balanced very much like that.

Now how do you do it? With your will. First of all, you desire and then you act. “Where am I going? What am I doing? I am a seeker. Is this the thing I have to do as a seeker?” Immediately the balance is there.

So this balancing has to come. The foremost thing is to balance yourself. Any extreme behaviour must be balanced. Any extreme attitude to life must be brought down.

Now here we find that the will acts, opposed in an opposite direction. For example, people become obstinate. They do not want to accept that we have to balance and they say, “Oh, I’m all right,” and they will give all explanations to show that they’re all right. For whom are you giving the explanations? You are fighting with yourself. Why? Because you are not yet integrated fully within yourself…

Integration comes in when you do something, you wish something, you enjoy something, you want something. Then you find integration is also wobbly in your attention. But if you want your spirit, you just want your spirit to be happy because if the spirit is happy it means you’re happy. The spirit is always happy. How are you going to make the spirit happy?

The only thing when you say you want the spirit to be happy, what you are saying is this: that you want your attention to be happy. If you keep your attention happy and cheerful, completely integrated with your being, not with your ego, this is where the discretion has to be used…

So with discretion, you will know how to correct yourself, even rationally.

Now your rationality is absolutely logical. Before this, rationality was illogical. But now, with integration, your rationality becomes logical and it tells you, “No, this is wrong; this cannot be.”

Shri Mataji, 1980

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