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Once in a Millennium

Religious celebrations on Shri Mataji's 85th BirthdayOn 21 March 2008, Sahaja yogis celebrated Shri Mataji’s 85th Birthday all over the world.
And to make it completely sahaj and collective, this was a Super Special day, celebrated by the vast majority of the Planet’s population, simply because the day was an amazing combination of celebrations by many different groups and religions. Statistically, the combination of these events was a once-in-a-millennium event.

An article in Time (19 March 2008) outlined the various celebrations to be held around the world on Friday 21 March 2008. These were:

Good Friday
Narouz, the Persian New Year
Purim, a Jewish festival
Eid Milad an Nabi, the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday
Small Holi, a Hindu festival
Magha Puja, a celebration of Buddha’s first group of followers.

Ed Reingold and Nachum Dershowitz, co-authors of Calendrical Calculations, calculated, for the years 1600 to 2400 AD, how often Good Friday, Purim, Narouz and Eid would occur in the same week. The answer was nine times in 800 years. When they calculated how often these four events would fall within a two-day period, the answer was once – 20-21 March 2008.
Now, let’s enjoy another amazing “coincidence”. Let’s see what else happened on that day, 21 March 2008.
Exactly at the same time as Sahaja Yogis were celebrating, all over the world, the 85th Birthday of Shri Mataji in the geographical centre of India at the Spring Equinox (as Shri Mataji was born at 12.00 am in the centre of India for cosmic balance to take place), the Otomi Toltec Teotihuacan Tradition arranged big drumming events in Mexico and around the world.
They were using 8000 Sacred Drums to create Mähki ‘Ñithi (Powerful Sacred Medicine) and Ts’edi Pa (Intensified Healing Energy) to heal Mother Earth. The prophecy of the ancestors of the Otomí Native Nation, in other words, the Olmecas-Toltecas-Teotihuacanos, the Sacred Civilization of Silence, Sound, Time, Space and Corn (Ñätho-Ñähñu-‘Ñuhmu-‘Ñuhu), was for an awakening of Indigenous peoples and of all humankind.
When 8000 sacred drums play together, an intense healing of Mother Earth will commence.
(500-year-old Otomi prophecy)

This prophecy was written on a rock in a sacred cave in Mexico more than 500 years ago. Originally, only the high priests had access to the prophecy. However, in 1995 the current high priest felt it was the right time, and so he alerted the Otomi Elders who began making preparations for the drumming ceremony.

While the main drumming ceremony took place at the Otomi Ceremonial Centre, Temoaya, in the State of Mexico, other groups met at ceremonial centres and sacred places throughout the world.

Now we can see what an auspicious day was Shri Mataji’s 85th Birthday, with so many spiritual events occurring on the same day.

Ioana Popa

(Photograph: Time, 19 March 2008)

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Sign of the Kundalini

Sign of the Kundalini

During my students’ art class recently, one of the girls used the sign of the Kundalini in making a pattern of her own after looking at a painting by Margaret Preston.

Watching her drawing the symbol I said, “That’s the sign for the Kundalini.” She replied, “What’s that?” The four other children at the table looked up and listened to the explanation about how in the sacrum bone at the base of the spine, an energy lies there in that same shape, like a coil. This is part of the nervous system known by doctors, but doctors don’t know the whole story. The energy comes up and it exits from the head as a coolness. 

The children looked a little surprised and then I said, “We can test whether this happens. Put your hands out and ask, ‘Please give me my Self-realisation’”.  The four of them stood up, put out their hands, asked the question and in an instant they all said they could feel the coolness over their heads and then on their hands. They didn’t ask any more questions and they all double-checked. One of the girls felt it first, and the boy who is very shy was last but not least.

Then they all sat down and just continued painting as if they had been given just another piece of art information. Wonderful!

A Sahaja Yoga art teacher

After reading this story, another Sahaja yogi who is a former teacher made the following comments:

Children are so humbling and grounding – they get to the essence of something and appear to move on immediately but it goes very deeply into them. You had the perfect teaching opportunity – the learner showed you that she was ready to understand and you supplied the next piece of information she needed to expand her experience and to “know what she knows”. Then you showed her how to put it into practice in the collective situation.

This is how I’ve felt that all teaching needs to be. Many years ago I stopped still on a street on the way to work at the Education Department with the realisation that “the curriculum is inside the child!” We can’t arrange it from the outside; we can only set up the environment so that learning can happen.

Art is one of the means through which Self-realisation can take place. These children have accepted your teaching, which you have offered them freely. It is so sweet to picture them. Possibly what will happen now is that opportunities to show them the Kundalini in the work of other artists, and in the world in general, will arise spontaneously.

(Graphic: kundalini.org.hk/sychinese)

Helping Others

Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

Sitting down, you can reach the world. You can feel the kundalini of any person in the whole world and you can cure the chakras or improve the chakras of the other person. Sitting down here you can do it. You can tell about the condition of the kundalini of another person.

Shri Mataji, 1977

If you glance with these innocent eyes, you can do so much good, so much benevolence for other people. And sitting down here, you can know about anyone you want to know. You don’t have to go anywhere or telephone to anyone. Just sitting down, you will know what is the situation of the chakras of this and that person because this power, which is all-pervading, is a more efficient communication power than anybody can think of. It is so alert, so attentive, so precise that, surprisingly, it works in a split of a second…. Then you become so confident that you are protected. You know you are protected.

Shri Mataji, 1994

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Understanding Sahaja Yoga

Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

First of all, it is the most important thing. You have a rapport with God Almighty. You are, in a way, in awe about God. There is awe – not, I would say, fear because fear is all dispelled. There is no more fear for you, but you have awe for God, that He is God Almighty. You won’t cheat people…. You won’t fight for power or for something that is material. All your attention will be towards the expansion of your awareness in the light of the spirit…

So now we have a new community, a new civilisation of people who are extremely honest with themselves, honest to each other. They are extremely righteous and good people. They are absolutely non-violent, absolutely law-abiding, very loving, affectionate, at the same time extremely constructive and, at the same time, very intelligent. They understand Sahaja Yoga. It is such a subtle subject. Sahaja Yoga is such a subtle subject because you know everybody has failed to make people understand anything about truth. It is an impossible situation.

But this was the trick: your spirit. Once your spirit is enlightened, it goes into your head without any difficulties, absolutely sahaj. You do not know how difficult is this subject of Sahaja Yoga. It is such a fulfilment for the desire of the Divine that your divinity is now expressing itself…

The whole cosmos seems to be integrated, woven and governed by the divine laws. This integration gives you a complete understanding of Sahaja Yoga, mentally, emotionally and spiritually… just through the light of the spirit you have seen the truth and you have understood it.

Shri Mataji, 1999

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