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Sahaja Yoga Queensland cordially invites you to a free meditation seminar.

When:  Saturday 28 March, 2009

Where: Sahaja Yoga Centre, Wamuran Queensland
(60 minutes north of Brisbane)

The seminar will be held at the Sahaja Yoga country property at 95 McClintock Road, Wamuran, Queensland. Wamuran is west of Caboolture and about 60 km north of Brisbane.

The seminar will start at 2.00 pm and conclude about 5.30 pm followed by dinner. There are no costs or payments required for your attendance.

Please feel free to come, even if you have never meditated before.

Seminar program

2:00 – 2:30pm: Arrival and refreshments
2:30 – 3:00pm: Introduction to meditation
3:00 – 4:00pm: Clearing techniques to improve your meditation
4:00 – 4:20pm: Video lecture from Shri Mataji (founder of Sahaja Yoga)
4:20 – 5:15pm: Meditation and live music
5.30pm: Dinner

Directions to Wamuran
From the M1 motorway, take the Kilcoy exit and proceed along D’aguilar Hwy until reaching Wamuran. Opposite the IGA store, turn right and then right again into Station Rd. Turn left at the small roundabout into Newlands Rd for approximately 3km, then left into Patane Rd which leads to McClintock Rd. Number 95 is just over the top of the hill on the left.

Plan to attend? For planning purposes, please email us at syqld@bigpond.com if you’d like to come along.

We sincerely hope you are able to attend this relaxing and informative event.

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Ashram of the Spirit

(Ocean of Divine Love)

The only divinely pure ashram
Is The Ashram of The Spirit
The only divinely real ashram
Is The Ocean of Divine Love
The only ashram full of compassion
Is The Heart of The Spirit
The only ashram of unconditional forgiveness
Is The Ashram of Pure Divine Love
Let us join The Ashram of The Spirit
Let us dissolve our Self-Spirits in IT
 Let us integrate in the only collective
Collective designed by The LORD
 Collective only of Love, Joy, and Peace
Where we are a part and parcel of The Whole

Veni Grig

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The first new people’s seminars for some time were held at Burwood in Sydney on 20 April 2008, and were a wonderful success and our largest seminar held, with over 130 new people attending.

An introductory program was held in the main meditation room. During the morning sessions Sahaja Music was performed, mainly comprising Bhajans which was greatly appreciated. Having live music played on the day helps to communicate the joy that is such an integral part of Sahaja Yoga.

The initial session was an introductory program with a video talk by Shri Mataji and guided self-realisation. Following morning tea everyone was given a deeper introduction into the clearing process using mantras. Everyone was impressed to see the different clearing aspects of Sahaja Yoga presented. This was followed by a guided meditation. This led into a presentation by Dr Ramesh Monocha of some of the scientific research that has been conducted into Sahaja Yoga meditation, linking mental silence as the authentic meditative experience that should be pursued.

Following lunch there was a very good session about how to go deeper in our meditation, foot-soaking, and discussions of the reasons we are all embarking upon the path of meditation using the tools of vibratory awareness. People attending commented that they enjoyed learning about the different aspects of Sahaja Yoga which were presented.

Thanks to the Seminar Workshop team who worked tirelessly to organise a fantastic day for the seekers. Well done. 

What better way to end this report than to hear the feedback of the seekers themselves provided via feedback forms:

It was the most wonderful experience, which I had left behind due to some personal commitments. I feel great, rejuvenated and as a person. It is such a beautiful feeling to see all the yogis working with such dedication with beautiful smiles. Many thanks to all. (Bina)

In this age of commercialisation and business orientated activities, I am delighted to see such activities being done on a volunteer basis and no cost to the participants. This speaks a lot of the true intentions of the organisers, who are there to really the community. Keep it up! (Yan)

40 years ago, doctors and others tried to help my emotional problem and mental health problems. Told, ‘this guy can’t meditate’, I’ve tried ever since. Only now, with Sahaja Yoga I’ve succeeded, at 64 years of age. Thank you. (Mike)

Well run, lovely atmosphere and a beautiful place to be. Food was very tasty, just right amounts. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I would like to attend any workshops on the affirmations and will be attending lunch meetings in the city, plus meetings in Paddington and western suburbs when possible. (Alan)

This workshop was extremely helpful and useful. I learnt a lot more about Sahaja Meditation and how to interpret the sensations on my fingers. Would love to know always about these workshops. You have my email. (Fay)

The experience was very informative and well rounded. I especially appreciated the medical talk. Thank you. (Deborah)

I enjoyed the day very much. I went away feeling very peaceful and better informed. I listen to the (Sahaja Yoga meditation) Radio program which is very important for those who can’t make it here. Thank you to all, much appreciated. (Suzanne)

The seminar about Sahaja’s scientific side was very useful! The last session of the day was an excellent explanation of the mantras. (Peter)

Well organised, full of smiling faces. Relaxed environment, teachers well prepared. Touch of love for my experiential life, energy all around. (Carlos)

Good meditation instruction. Scientific info most enlightening and useful. Will come again! (Ian)

Fantastic. Thanks! (Cassandra)

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Sahaja yoga meditation radio programs are being hosted at 2MCE FM Bathurst, NSW (Charles Sturt University, Bathurst) on a fortnightly basis.

Here are some news and feedback regarding the radio programs.
A lady mentioned, “I was driving and felt very relaxed. I’ve never encountered something like that. The music was great. I did not know the chakras were in our hands!”.

Michelle (2MCE program coordinator) added, ” When their program is on, the atmosphere in the office changes completely. It is peaceful and no one gossips against anyone.”

It is really a great station and we get to meet other presenters and future presenters who ask us about our program and show a genuine interest. The staff are really supportive. One of them said, “To be presenters is a real privilege, is an honour! As soon as people tune in, you are invited into so many homes, offices, cars.”
We are really enjoying preparing the programs and playing at being panel operators, presenters, weather forecast announcers, DJs, meditators.

A little anecdote: we were deeply enjoying one of the meditations in our second program so much we totally forgot to put on the National News. No one complained and we had a good laugh!
If you are not around Bathurst (93.2FM) or Orange (94.7 FM) and you want to listen to this program, we can be heard every second Monday at www.2mce.org between about 1.30pm and 3.30pm, right after the local news. Click on “Audio downloads/streaming” on the top of the homepage then on the second “here”.
The 2MCE Sahaj radio team

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To understand the importance of the current Sahaja Yoga tour in Sierra Leone, which is taking place from 5 March to 5 April 2008, it is necessary to find out a little about the history of Sahaja Yoga in Sierra Leone.

Sometime in the early 1980s, an Australian Sahaja yogi called Peter Corden was working in Sierra Leone, in Africa, on the refurbishment of the Sierra Rutile Mine. During this time, Peter was working with a Sierra Leonean, and the two became close friends. The man, whose English name was Patrick Sheriff, started practising Sahaja Yoga.

Peter left Sierra Leone in 1986, and for some time kept in close contact with Patrick. However, in 1992 war started in Sierra Leone, and tens of thousands of people died. Peter lost contact with Patrick, and feared for the safety of Patrick and his family.

In late 2006, while shopping in Toowoomba, Australia, Peter saw an African lady whom he recognised as coming from Sierra Leone. He spoke with her, and through her was eventually able to find out that Patrick was still alive. In July 2007 after eighteen years, Peter was able to speak with Patrick by telephone! Peter discovered, after all this time, that Patrick was still practising Sahaja Yoga.  

Out of this amazing event came Peter’s desire to travel once more to Sierra Leone, this time to help organise a Sahaja Yoga tour. With Freetown as the centre, the tour organisers hope to contact as many people as possible to spread the message of Sahaja Yoga. Starting with a one-hour television talkback session on ABC TV in Freetown, the station has continued to provide daily, 45-minute sessions on Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is mentioned four times a day on radio. Hundreds of people are coming to meditation sessions at the beach each morning. Musical programs are also being held.

To celebrate the 85th Birthday of Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, on 21 March 2008, ABC TV broadcast a 30-minute segment showing Shri Mataji giving realisation.  As ABC TV has approximately one million viewers, the program was able to reach many, many people.

For more information about the Sahaja Yoga Tour in Sierra Leone, and for updates on its progress, follow the link:


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