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"Freedom and Liberation" film

"Freedom and Liberation" at Newcastle theatre

Over sixty-five new seekers gathered at Newcastle’s Greater Union Theatre to enjoy the “Freedom and Liberation” movie on Saturday, 12 Sept 2008. The movie was followed by a Self-realisation and meditation session.
The Music of Joy music group from Sydney travelled to Newcastle for the day to entertain the film-goers.

On Saturday, 11 October 2008 “Freedom and Liberation” will be shown in Charlestown which is about 15 km south of Newcastle.

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Self Knowledge Is the Key

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga

Today when you see the whole world is busy fighting and they are trying to protect people from wars and creating great, huge, protecting instruments, the whole world seems to be in a mad race of killing each other, of destroying each other, of competition, ambition, leading to fighting and then to greater wars. They’re fighting for a piece of land. So ignorant they are. Can you carry even a pinch of this land with you when you die?

 When you are born, you come with closed fists. And when you die, you go with open hands. What do you take with you? All right, you may not like to take anything, but do you enjoy whatever you think is so great, for which you are fighting? Why is this fighting going on among all nonsensical people? It’s surprising how people give up their peace, give up their understanding when it comes to a piece of land. And the whole thing has moved into a very wrong direction and is going toward complete destruction.

This is the thing that has made human beings so much suffering because of all their ignorance, by which they have all those habits, all those attractions, all those identifications…. They have to take to sense  and … to their self knowledge.

Self knowledge is the key for a saviour to give to people. We have had so many saints. We have had so many Sufis. We had Tao people. We had Zen people. All kinds of realised souls came on this Earth.  They all suffered. They were tortured. Nobody understood them. But now the time has come for you to know the truth, but truth which is not dry, truth which has compassion, truth that encompasses everyone, that brings the complete view of our existence. Why are we here on this Earth? What is our purpose? What should we do? Adi Shakti’s powers are such, of love and compassion, that they make you understand your Self first.

Love, for you, is very, very limited. There’s no awareness of your own being. Just imagine what a great task it is for you, how much you have to be seriously becoming aware of your Self first.

That is extremely important. First you have to be aware of your Self. And now you have the light of your spirit. In the light of that spirit, you can see what you are and you can see how far you are going, how wrong things you are doing, what harm you are doing to yourself and you have a power to cure it, to improve it and to come to your senses.

Shri Mataji, 2001

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Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja YogaThe joy of giving Realisation! It was to be found in abundant supply at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival at Melbourne Exhibition Centre held over the election weekend in November 2007. Mother’s magnetic charm again won the hearts as seekers flocked in their droves to the Sahaja Yoga stall.

The flavour of the Festival was surprisingly mainstream, with many families and ordinary working folk making the pilgrimage. Beset from all sides by charmers, soothsayers and all manner of charlatans, seekers plotted a course through the maze of flashing lights and gimmicks. The Sahaja Yoga stall stood like a beacon emitting waves of Shri Mataji’s love to which so many souls were drawn.

At times the Sahaja Yogis could barely keep up, such was the interest created by the fascinating sight of our brothers and sisters raising Kundalini after Kundalini, with many people having to wait their turn for the Divine introduction to our sweet Mother.

There is no doubt the festival was a battleground. War was being waged on a subtle level for the hearts and souls of these seekers whose ranks have swelled tremendously in number. Yes, the negativity was also well-represented. The negativity, however, was no match for the heavenly radiance of Shri Mataji and Her soldiers of God.

Many thanks to all the Sahaja Yogis who gave their time and effort. All will testify to the awesome spiritual recharge received from giving hundreds of people their Realisation, some of whom have attended our subsequent public programmes. The joy bestowed upon every Sahaja Yogi from the beaming smiles and glowing faces of the newly realised was the rich dividend of acting as an instrument of Shri Mataji’s love.

Simon Lovegrove

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Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

Everything that you are doing is for God and that is why you are doing it for your Self.

So introspection is very important. Criticising others should be less and criticising yourself and laughing at yourself is the best.

I laugh at myself many a times and say many things like that, if you have noticed. That makes life so interesting. That will kill your ego.

“How I am trying to assert myself and where is the meekness that Christ has talked about?” It is a natural goodness within us. Once it shines and shows, you become so beautiful, so loveable.

Whether you are sitting here near me or there, I know who is that kind. My heart just opens for such a personality. I know who they are. But even if I know, I will never tell you. It is better that you know yourself.

Shri Mataji

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