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Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

In every religion truth has been described. As I can see it, everybody does not see it. That is why there is blindness. That is why there are these blind alleys where you end up arguing things. So there must be something that is missing within us. We have not been able to really relate truth to our central nervous system.

Now, what is that missing within us? We should find out. In all humility, we should know that there must be something within us. We have been arguing  about so many things. We have been talking about so many things, reading so many books, going into all kinds of funny experiences right from alcohol to other drugs and gurus and this and that, but still we have not felt anything on our central nervous system.

Secondly, we have no control over that truth. So what is the reason? Is something missing in the human awareness? Is it that we are lacking something in our human awareness? All the books, all the scriptures which are true scriptures have said one thing: to know the truth, you are to be born again…

If you take Patanjali, who wrote a very ancient book, it is not that Patanjali asked you to stand on your heads. That is wrong. That is just a wee bit of it. But what Patanjali has written is that you have to achieve the truth on your central nervous system … meaning the experience of your spirit.

Shri Mataji

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Patience is the nature of Shri MatajiAs people start becoming collective, they do not bother others, they do not trouble others, but they give joy to others. They are not bothered about their going and coming, their eating and everything. They just don’t behave like mundane, usual type of people, but they are very patient – saburi, as they call it. They are in the patience.

Now this patience is most joy-giving. Patience gives you the greatest joy. When you are patient, you develop all your qualities. I think in patience you blossom the best. But patience is not just to be patient. Patience is also a kind of a state within us. With just this patience … you just watch and see. Wherever you are, you are.

Now some people are worried that they must get into the bus. Some people are worried they must reach back home. Some people are worried they must get their food in time. According to them this is discipline. This is not. This is conditioning. But what is the discipline is of patience in Sahaja Yoga, where you watch everything and you are patient. If you are in the bus, you are there. If you are standing on the road, you are there. If you are walking on the road, you are there. On the contrary, it is a good idea to walk…. It’s a very good idea. Leisurely you can walk … to feel that, “I have to walk. I have to go there.” Once you start thinking you get exhausted sitting here, even if you have not walked. So it is important that patience should be made the discipline of life….

Patience is my quality. It’s my nature which I enjoy most of all…. If I lost my way, I enjoy it because I am there to enjoy myself.

Shri Mataji, 1988

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Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore

Every day in the early morning this faithful dog
Sits quietly beside my chair
For as long as I do not acknowledge his presence
By the touch of my hand.
The moment he receives this small recognition,
Waves of happiness leap through his body.
In the inarticulate world
Only this creature
Has pierced through good and bad and seen
Complete man,
Has seen him for whom
Life may be joyfully given,
That object of a free outpouring of love,
Whose consciousness points the way
To the realm of infinite consciousness.
When I see that dumb heart
Revealing its own humility
Through total self-surrender,
I feel unequal to the worth
His simple perception has found in the nature of man.
The wistful anxiety in his mute gaze
Understands something he cannot explain:
It directs me to the true meaning of man in the universe.

 Rabindranath Tagore

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A Dream of Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja YogaThe following story is from a book of recollections of Sahaja yogis throughout the world of experiences they had while with Shri Mataji in India.

“This was around 1990. Shri Mataji was arriving in Mumbai one day and we were getting ready to go and welcome Her. My wife had had a dream the night before, of Shri Mataji sitting in our car. My wife advised me to clean our car in case Shri Mataji would need to use it. It was untidy and all kinds of marketing tools were on the rear seat. Knowing that Shri Mataji would not be invited to sit in such a car, given the protocol for showing Her respect and love, a good clean car was required, decorated with a nice cloth and some flowers. Because of this I felt She could not possibly choose my car, and off we drove to the airport.

However, like in my wife’s dream, it so happened that Shri Mataji’s daughter, Kalpana, was unable to come and welcome Her, and to my great astonishment somebody walked straight up to me and requested me to take Shri Mataji in my car. I did my best to adjust the back seat as fast as I could and made sure all the business stuff was put in the boot in a few seconds. Then Shri Mataji came and sat in the car.

“Ah, you have a nice car!” She declared, smiling.

S B Singh

From Eternally Inspiring Recollections of Our Holy Mother , Vol 1, Stories from India. Pune: Nirmal Infosystems & Technologies, 2006. P. 114-5.

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Ashram of the Spirit

(Ocean of Divine Love)

The only divinely pure ashram
Is The Ashram of The Spirit
The only divinely real ashram
Is The Ocean of Divine Love
The only ashram full of compassion
Is The Heart of The Spirit
The only ashram of unconditional forgiveness
Is The Ashram of Pure Divine Love
Let us join The Ashram of The Spirit
Let us dissolve our Self-Spirits in IT
 Let us integrate in the only collective
Collective designed by The LORD
 Collective only of Love, Joy, and Peace
Where we are a part and parcel of The Whole

Veni Grig

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