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Shri Mataji

Now what you have seen here … I would say is the knowledge of the roots. In the West we have grown outside like a tree, but in the East people had time to find out the roots. As Indians had to learn a lot about science I think it’s important that all of us should know also about the science of the roots. A scientific mind has to be an open mind; it should not be a closed mind, which does not want to see the other side of it. If a hypothesis is put before a scientist he works it out and if it is proved correct he accepts it as laws. So the hypothesis is first to be listened to; then if it is proved that it is absolutely correct then we have to accept that there is a science of the roots.

 This is not a new science in India. Fourteen thousand years back somebody called Markandeya wrote about it. But it was not available to every person. We can say that it was a secret science. And was only bestowed upon very, very few people at that time. As we can see, the Tree of Life has few flowers to become fruits in those days, but today is the Blossom Time, where people are trying to find out something beyond. They sometimes see the futility of their lives and want to know what is beyond – that is of permanent nature. So there is no harm in turning to our saints and great prophets and great incarnations, who have talked about this knowledge.

It is mentioned in all the scriptures that “You have to be born again.” But that does not mean that you just put a certificate on your head saying, “I’m born again.” Nor to form a club of saying, “We are born again.” When you are born again, means if you have jumped into new awareness, into new dimension of awareness, you should be able to feel the all-pervading Power of Divine all round you. Minimum of minimum that should happen to you, because your nerves get new dimension. And when you get your Self-realization or your second birth, you become entitled to an awareness by which you can find out the roots of everything. You can find out the roots why people get sick, you can find out why there are incurable diseases, you can find out why there are psychological problems, you can find out why there are moral crisises, you can find out why there are political problems, why there are economic problems. Because the tree has grown too big and has paid no attention to its roots…

 That point is very simple – the truth is: you are the Spirit. You are not this body, not this ego, nor these conditionings, nor Austrians, nor Indians, but you are the Spirit. Above all that you are a human being, you are the Spirit.

Shri Mataji, Vienna, Austria, 12 October 1987

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Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja YogaThe joy of giving Realisation! It was to be found in abundant supply at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival at Melbourne Exhibition Centre held over the election weekend in November 2007. Mother’s magnetic charm again won the hearts as seekers flocked in their droves to the Sahaja Yoga stall.

The flavour of the Festival was surprisingly mainstream, with many families and ordinary working folk making the pilgrimage. Beset from all sides by charmers, soothsayers and all manner of charlatans, seekers plotted a course through the maze of flashing lights and gimmicks. The Sahaja Yoga stall stood like a beacon emitting waves of Shri Mataji’s love to which so many souls were drawn.

At times the Sahaja Yogis could barely keep up, such was the interest created by the fascinating sight of our brothers and sisters raising Kundalini after Kundalini, with many people having to wait their turn for the Divine introduction to our sweet Mother.

There is no doubt the festival was a battleground. War was being waged on a subtle level for the hearts and souls of these seekers whose ranks have swelled tremendously in number. Yes, the negativity was also well-represented. The negativity, however, was no match for the heavenly radiance of Shri Mataji and Her soldiers of God.

Many thanks to all the Sahaja Yogis who gave their time and effort. All will testify to the awesome spiritual recharge received from giving hundreds of people their Realisation, some of whom have attended our subsequent public programmes. The joy bestowed upon every Sahaja Yogi from the beaming smiles and glowing faces of the newly realised was the rich dividend of acting as an instrument of Shri Mataji’s love.

Simon Lovegrove

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You are invited to attend a One-day Meditation Workshop to be held in Burwood, Sydney on 17 May 2009. Workshop topics include meditation for beginners, clearing the chakras, balancing the subtle system, tips on how to meditate at home, using affirmations and mantras, using music for meditation, reducing stress, and scientific research on the benefits of Sahaja Yoga meditation.

When: Sunday 17 May 2009
10.00am to 4.00pm (Doors open 9.30am)

Where: Sahaja Yoga Meditation Centre
10 Clarence Street, Burwood Sydney

Workshop cost: No charge!

Donation: Lunch, morning tea and workshop materials are provided. $10 by donation at the door will help towards the cost of these.

Seating arrangements: Chairs, pillows or carpeted floor.

Bookings: If you are planning to attend, please use our Workshop Booking Form to book for this event. The Booking Form is located here.

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Softly, gently, our Spirit guides us.
If we allow its holy intent,
We learn to surrender to the great Will
That may appear as a figment
Of the mind, a whisper of Joy to come.

Once we surrender, we learn to treasure
The knowledge that we are One
With the Great Essence, the Great Divine.
With pure hearts, we learn to shun
The earthly pleasures that lead astray.

Peace and joy and contentment are the prize
For those who allow their faith to grow.
Bliss and love eternal are the bounty
Of the Divine Communion
With those on Earth below.

Marina Oldham

(Photograph: wikimediacommons)

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The Russian Music Group has been helping spread Sahaja Yoga in Israel. For the last two weeks, the Israeli collective was blessed with Nirmal Naad (Russia) visit. It was one of the most wonderful periods we had as Sahaja yogis here. All people were working together to fulfil this great task. Everyone did his/her part to make all the pieces of the puzzle be in the right place.

We managed to organise 12 public concerts throughout the country from north to south. The group also gave an interview and performed on a TV channel. Many Israelis attended the concerts and now we can already see the first results of the tour. There are phone calls from people in several cities, asking about follow-ups. We are told that people describe for those who did not attend the concerts how impressive the concerts were. In one town, a woman brought flowers to a follow-up program.

We also have been contacted by a new Centre of Yoga which expressed the desire to invite Nirmal Naad to perform at the felicitation ceremony in the Centre. Although it was too late for Nirmal Naad, we are going to  present Sahaja Yoga there; the Centre might be able to attract real seekers. The musicians’ dedication, talent, creativity and spontaneity made the public feel the joy and pure vibrations of Sahaj music. They worked really hard to achieve this and we are really grateful for that.

On behalf of the whole Israeli collective, I want to thank all the brothers and sisters in Russia for the commitment and support given to this precious event by sending here such great musicians and yogis!

Valentin Popa, Israel

To listen to a music item from the concert, click on the following link:

 Nirmal Naad in concert in Israel 

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