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Shri Mataji’s Birthday


Shri Mataji’s 85th Birthday will be held at Easter time on Good Friday (21 March 2008) at Her birthplace, Chindwara, in Central India.

The picture shows the house in Chindawara in which Sri Mataji was born. The house has been purchased by Sahaja Yogis and is now being lovingly restored.

 Shri Mataji is very humble about Her birthday. In 1997 She said:

“I will be very happy to celebrate your birthday than to celebrate Mine. So, may God bless you.”

 Lori Wills, a Sahaja Yogi from Vancouver, Canada, had some special thoughts about Shri Mataji’s 85th birthday:

“Somehow I had the urge to check the calendar to see when Easter is this year. Can you imagine? Good Friday is March 21st!

Also, we had just learnt that Shri Mataji’s 85th birthday celebration and Puja will be held at Her birthplace in Chindwara, in Central India. That weekend will then be, according to Christian beliefs, Good Friday, symbolising the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and Easter Sunday, symbolising His resurrection. So we will celebrate HER 85th birthday in HER birthplace on Easter weekend! Is this a Divine coincidence? The combination of these events will certainly make for global celebration at many levels.”

(Photograph: www.sahajayoga.at)

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Bliss Is Everywhere


This bliss then, you find everywhere. In a little thing also you find there is bliss. Zen taught that to people. They saw bliss in seeing only a moss, a little bit of moss. And you see the moss and you say, “Oh God, what a beautiful piece it is.” God has created a little moss and that moss has all the little, little tentacles and that bliss. But those who are vain people can never feel bliss. Vanity kills bliss. Ego kills bliss….

It is so beautiful. How many have got this bliss? Have sympathy for them, have compassion for them, those who do not have.

But bliss comes to you through your confidence in yourself. If you have no confidence in yourself, bliss cannot be. And the worst thing against confidence is [saying], “Then what should I do? Then how can I get it? Then why not I have?” It is the worst, you fighting yourself all the time. You are that, sitting on that and still if you are saying, “Why shouldn’t I have it?”

So what to answer? I mean, you just want to ask because you have to ask. It is there. Why are you asking? Just feel it. If that works out, that you feel where you are sitting, then you will be surprised that you are at peace with yourself and there is bliss.

Shri Mataji, 1985

(Photograph: thefreedictionary.com)

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The first new people’s seminars for some time were held at Burwood in Sydney on 20 April 2008, and were a wonderful success and our largest seminar held, with over 130 new people attending.

An introductory program was held in the main meditation room. During the morning sessions Sahaja Music was performed, mainly comprising Bhajans which was greatly appreciated. Having live music played on the day helps to communicate the joy that is such an integral part of Sahaja Yoga.

The initial session was an introductory program with a video talk by Shri Mataji and guided self-realisation. Following morning tea everyone was given a deeper introduction into the clearing process using mantras. Everyone was impressed to see the different clearing aspects of Sahaja Yoga presented. This was followed by a guided meditation. This led into a presentation by Dr Ramesh Monocha of some of the scientific research that has been conducted into Sahaja Yoga meditation, linking mental silence as the authentic meditative experience that should be pursued.

Following lunch there was a very good session about how to go deeper in our meditation, foot-soaking, and discussions of the reasons we are all embarking upon the path of meditation using the tools of vibratory awareness. People attending commented that they enjoyed learning about the different aspects of Sahaja Yoga which were presented.

Thanks to the Seminar Workshop team who worked tirelessly to organise a fantastic day for the seekers. Well done. 

What better way to end this report than to hear the feedback of the seekers themselves provided via feedback forms:

It was the most wonderful experience, which I had left behind due to some personal commitments. I feel great, rejuvenated and as a person. It is such a beautiful feeling to see all the yogis working with such dedication with beautiful smiles. Many thanks to all. (Bina)

In this age of commercialisation and business orientated activities, I am delighted to see such activities being done on a volunteer basis and no cost to the participants. This speaks a lot of the true intentions of the organisers, who are there to really the community. Keep it up! (Yan)

40 years ago, doctors and others tried to help my emotional problem and mental health problems. Told, ‘this guy can’t meditate’, I’ve tried ever since. Only now, with Sahaja Yoga I’ve succeeded, at 64 years of age. Thank you. (Mike)

Well run, lovely atmosphere and a beautiful place to be. Food was very tasty, just right amounts. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I would like to attend any workshops on the affirmations and will be attending lunch meetings in the city, plus meetings in Paddington and western suburbs when possible. (Alan)

This workshop was extremely helpful and useful. I learnt a lot more about Sahaja Meditation and how to interpret the sensations on my fingers. Would love to know always about these workshops. You have my email. (Fay)

The experience was very informative and well rounded. I especially appreciated the medical talk. Thank you. (Deborah)

I enjoyed the day very much. I went away feeling very peaceful and better informed. I listen to the (Sahaja Yoga meditation) Radio program which is very important for those who can’t make it here. Thank you to all, much appreciated. (Suzanne)

The seminar about Sahaja’s scientific side was very useful! The last session of the day was an excellent explanation of the mantras. (Peter)

Well organised, full of smiling faces. Relaxed environment, teachers well prepared. Touch of love for my experiential life, energy all around. (Carlos)

Good meditation instruction. Scientific info most enlightening and useful. Will come again! (Ian)

Fantastic. Thanks! (Cassandra)

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Once in a Millennium

Religious celebrations on Shri Mataji's 85th BirthdayOn 21 March 2008, Sahaja yogis celebrated Shri Mataji’s 85th Birthday all over the world.
And to make it completely sahaj and collective, this was a Super Special day, celebrated by the vast majority of the Planet’s population, simply because the day was an amazing combination of celebrations by many different groups and religions. Statistically, the combination of these events was a once-in-a-millennium event.

An article in Time (19 March 2008) outlined the various celebrations to be held around the world on Friday 21 March 2008. These were:

Good Friday
Narouz, the Persian New Year
Purim, a Jewish festival
Eid Milad an Nabi, the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday
Small Holi, a Hindu festival
Magha Puja, a celebration of Buddha’s first group of followers.

Ed Reingold and Nachum Dershowitz, co-authors of Calendrical Calculations, calculated, for the years 1600 to 2400 AD, how often Good Friday, Purim, Narouz and Eid would occur in the same week. The answer was nine times in 800 years. When they calculated how often these four events would fall within a two-day period, the answer was once – 20-21 March 2008.
Now, let’s enjoy another amazing “coincidence”. Let’s see what else happened on that day, 21 March 2008.
Exactly at the same time as Sahaja Yogis were celebrating, all over the world, the 85th Birthday of Shri Mataji in the geographical centre of India at the Spring Equinox (as Shri Mataji was born at 12.00 am in the centre of India for cosmic balance to take place), the Otomi Toltec Teotihuacan Tradition arranged big drumming events in Mexico and around the world.
They were using 8000 Sacred Drums to create Mähki ‘Ñithi (Powerful Sacred Medicine) and Ts’edi Pa (Intensified Healing Energy) to heal Mother Earth. The prophecy of the ancestors of the Otomí Native Nation, in other words, the Olmecas-Toltecas-Teotihuacanos, the Sacred Civilization of Silence, Sound, Time, Space and Corn (Ñätho-Ñähñu-‘Ñuhmu-‘Ñuhu), was for an awakening of Indigenous peoples and of all humankind.
When 8000 sacred drums play together, an intense healing of Mother Earth will commence.
(500-year-old Otomi prophecy)

This prophecy was written on a rock in a sacred cave in Mexico more than 500 years ago. Originally, only the high priests had access to the prophecy. However, in 1995 the current high priest felt it was the right time, and so he alerted the Otomi Elders who began making preparations for the drumming ceremony.

While the main drumming ceremony took place at the Otomi Ceremonial Centre, Temoaya, in the State of Mexico, other groups met at ceremonial centres and sacred places throughout the world.

Now we can see what an auspicious day was Shri Mataji’s 85th Birthday, with so many spiritual events occurring on the same day.

Ioana Popa

(Photograph: Time, 19 March 2008)

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What Is Most Joy-giving

flowerscannaslr-thumb.jpgWhat is most joy-giving to Me was creating Sahaja Yogis and listening to them and talking to them, the way they were so sweet and so kind and so respectful. All this has helped Me so much and I must thank you for that. With your support, with your help, with your understanding, I could achieve it. If I could achieve it on My own, I would never have asked for this help of yours. But you are just like My hands, you are just like My eyes and I need you very much because, without you, I cannot do it.

It’s like channelising. Unless and until you have channels, what’s the use of being the Adi Shakti or anything – how will you channelise it? If there’s electrical movement, you need channels; otherwise, it is a static thing. In the same way, I felt always that I needed more and more channels. And when it worked out, I was really, really in a very great spirit.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, Sahasrara Puja, 2000

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