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Indian Australian Friendship Day Fair 2007

Indian Australian Friendship Day Fair 2007

Sahaja Yoga will have a stall at the Indian Australian Friendship Day Fair to be held to celebrate Indian Independence Day.

When: Sunday 10th August 2008 from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm

Venue: Athletic Centre, Olympic Park, Homebush, Sydney
Sahaj Yoga Meditation will be held at Stall No. 4. There will be meditation and realisation sessions and music concerts. Brochures and other information products will be available.

This is one of the biggest fairs in Sydney, organised by the United Indian Association Inc and held every year.
This fair is also to celebrate the Indian Independence Day (15th August). Twenty-five thousand people are expected to visit the fair.

For more information contact Vishwamber   0425 230 354  .

(Photograph: australiantraveller.com)

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This Is the Truth

(Shri Mataji)

(Shri Mataji)

The Divine has nothing to gain from you.

Truth has nothing to gain from you.

Truth stands on its own glory, in its dignity

It doeasn’t need anything from you, does it?

What can you do to adorn it? What can you put on that?

What can you give to that? How can you add to that?

It’s only you who is adorned. It is only you who gain it.

If you get the truth, it is you who has been enlightened.

It is not the truth that is going to receive anything from you, is it?

If that is your idea, then you are sadly mistaken.

You cannot pay fror truth. Truth is there.

It is there. Reality is there. How can you pay for it?

You must know that you are seekers. You have to get it and establish it within yourselves.

This is the truth: that you are made as an instrument of God’s power

and now you will be connected to the mains by His powers only, by His divine love

and the power will start flowing through you.

You will be manifesting that power through your spirit and you will see for yourself and enjoy that.

Shri Mataji, 1981

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Shri Mataji is happy when we sing collectively and that’s why the more Sahaja Yogis there are singing together, the stronger the vibrations.

I am reminded of an old cassette Subhash and I were listening to some time back. It was one of Shri Mataji’s Puja lectures in India (Calcutta or Delhi). We had listened to this lecture a few times before but would switch the tape off after the lecture. This time the tape continued to play after Shri Mataji’s lecture.

Shri Mataji asked the Sahaja Yogis to sing bhajans and asked if they had a harmonium with them. Although they did not have a harmonium or any other musical instrument, one of the yogis sang a bhajan in praise of Shri Mataji. At the completion of the bhajan, Mother said, “Good! But I would like all of you to sing one bhajan collectively.”

“And I want you all to clap,” She added.

The group had prepared a bhajan in Marathi to sing for Shri Mataji. They sang the bhajan collectively, clapping their hands rythmically three times (clap, clap, clap – clap, clap, clap – clap, clap, clap), the way we clap when we sing Aarti during Puja.

It was so beautiful, touching the heart! The bhajan was “Amhi matajinchya charnasi alo,” meaning, “As we have come to the Feet of Mother, we have been bathed in the Nectar of Chaitanya.” It’s a beautiful, beautiful bhajan. Subhash and I were hearing it for the first time. You can find this bhajan in the Sahaja Yoga Song Book.

At the end of the singing, Shri Mataji exclaimed, “What vibrations! So beautiful!”

She continued, “Because when you clap three times you beat your ego with the three powers of Shri Mahakali, Shri Mahalakshmi and Shri Mahasaraswati.”

This is such deep, Sahaja Yoga knowledge which we had not heard before. I opened my eyes and was so amazed. What did Shri Mataji say?

And we listened to this part again. My husband and I now understood why Baba Mama [Shri Mataji’s young brother] would ask the Sahaja Yogis to clap three times in Cabella when his music group was performing.

So now we clap three times whenever we sing or listen to bhajans.

Divine knowledge is coming to us slowly and so very beautifully. We keep learning all the time, sharing our beautiful experiences and miracle stories.

Manju Dhingra

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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

First of all, He was born in a manger. To be born in a manger means in a poor circumstance. That means He showed there’s no need to have money or there’s no need to have a huge, big properties or anything to be impressive on people. Those were the days where people respected the tapasyis, the ones who were doing tapasya [penance]. That was the time to do tapasya.

So He came on this Earth and lived like a tapasyi. On the contrary, the Christians are the most self-indulgent people you can think of. You go to any Christian nation, you’ll be amazed how they are just slaves of money and their watches. How they are living – it’s very shocking to see they are following Christ. “Yes, we follow Christ.” Then follow means what? He’s there and you are standing backwards moving. Is that the following?

So, today we are talking about Christ. He’s sitting in a position of Agnya Chakra controlling pineal and pituitary. By that, He controls our conditioning. If we follow Him, then we cannot be conditioned by anything because He talked of Spirit only. Spirit cannot be conditioned, conditioned by anything. Whatever is good, that will be accepted, good, congenial to the Spirit.

… you see Christ talking to people, giving them different ways of explanation, what happens after Realisation, how a seed is sprouted and how it can get spoiled, and very beautifully He explained to people.

Actually, we have to understand that Christ never started any exclusive religion. Never. None of them. Specially Mohammed Sahib has talked about Abraham. He’s talked about Moses. He’s talked about Christ and His Mother much more than in the Bible respected Her.

His life was so charming and so beautiful. Like a shooting star, He came on this Earth, but left such a remarkable impression on people. His crucifixion was a part of the game because He had to make the way in the Agnya Chakra. To cross the Agnya Chakra, He was crucified. But His message is not crucifixion. People wear the cross and I feel very hurt about it… But that’s not the message. That’s not [what] you should celebrate, that He was crucified. There are people who celebrate it.

You have to celebrate His Resurrection, because human beings are to be resurrected. In Sahaja Yoga nobody’s crucified and is resurrected because of one crucifixion of Christ. That was enough. That was sufficient. You can’t carry the cross on your shoulder. Don’t have to. He’s carried for you. He’s done everything for you. He said also that He died for all the sinners. It’s a fact. If He had not done that, it would have been difficult to open your Agnyas because two problems, I told you, this conditioning and ego.

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga, 1996

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Softly, gently, our Spirit guides us.
If we allow its holy intent,
We learn to surrender to the great Will
That may appear as a figment
Of the mind, a whisper of Joy to come.

Once we surrender, we learn to treasure
The knowledge that we are One
With the Great Essence, the Great Divine.
With pure hearts, we learn to shun
The earthly pleasures that lead astray.

Peace and joy and contentment are the prize
For those who allow their faith to grow.
Bliss and love eternal are the bounty
Of the Divine Communion
With those on Earth below.

Marina Oldham

(Photograph: wikimediacommons)

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