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Sahaja Yoga will have a stall at the Deepavali Fair to be held at the Parramatta Stadium on 11 October 2009. Realisation sessions will be provided, as well as performances of Sahaja Yoga music.
The Deepavali Fair is held as part of the Indian Festival of Lights.

Where:  Parramatta Stadium

When:  11 October 2009 from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm.

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The Paramchaitanya, this all-pervading power of divine love, flows through you because you are pure…

Purity of temperament, purity of love, what does that mean? – that you love somebody because that person has got spirituality. You love that person because there is purity and you go to places just to spread the purity among people. A pure person will never create a problem…

The character of a yogi is to worship the purity of your own and the purity of others… For a Sahaja Yogi, what he has to do is to understand the powers of love. The powers of love, if you can understand, they will grow within you. Some people have. Some people don’t have. Try to understand.

This Paramchaitanya is nothing but the power of God’s love – or you can say Mother’s love. This power works so beautifully, in such a secret manner that you call it as a miracle because you can’t see how it has worked out.

So the first and foremost thing is to try to develop the sense of love within you… Pure love can be very easily understood, that it gives you joy, that it helps others to improve. It works in a very subtle manner.

Now try to remember when you came to Sahaja Yoga. Try to remember how you got your Realisation. Try to remember how you started growing. These are like the seeds within us of love which sprouted.

Slowly and gradually, we’ve started the showers of the blessings of love. Then we’ve started enjoying it and understanding it.

Shri Mataji, Guru Puja, 2001

More information about Paramchaitanya can be be found at the following link:


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Divine Power

Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

The truth is that this Divine Power is compassion, is love. This is the truth. They say God is love and God is truth, so the equation has to be made that truth is love and love is truth. But it is not a truth as you have for your own children, you have for your family – attached. Attached love is not truth. If you are attached to somebody, then you will never see the bad points of that person. If you are angry with somebody, then you can never see the good points of that person. But it is a complete, detached love and that love is extremely powerful because whenever you project that love to anyone, you will be surprised. The problems of that person will be solved. His personality will improve. Everything will work out in a very big way and his life will be changed….

To be detached in no way means you do not feel the other person. You do feel him. You feel the agony of that person, the trouble of that person, of the whole society sometimes and of the whole country, but your feeling is so detached that the All-pervading Power takes over. First we must have full faith in the capability of this All-pervading Power. As soon as you are detached, you say, “You do it….” The whole thing changes completely because you transfer all your responsibilities, all your problems to this Divine Power which is so powerful, which is so capable, which can work out anything.

Shri Mataji, 1998

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Before we came to Mother’s side
We felt knowledge was the key
To unfolding all the mysteries
Of life to set us free.

Now we know that ego’s trap
Ensnares our wisdom, and yet
We still attempt to solve it all
By falling further into the net!

It is only through surrender
To the Great Intelligence
That we come to understand
The Divine, Authentic Sense.

God is Knowledge: God is Love.
The truth is there to see
As long as we acknowledge
That wondrous symmetry.

Melody Anderson

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This Is the Truth

(Shri Mataji)

(Shri Mataji)

The Divine has nothing to gain from you.

Truth has nothing to gain from you.

Truth stands on its own glory, in its dignity

It doeasn’t need anything from you, does it?

What can you do to adorn it? What can you put on that?

What can you give to that? How can you add to that?

It’s only you who is adorned. It is only you who gain it.

If you get the truth, it is you who has been enlightened.

It is not the truth that is going to receive anything from you, is it?

If that is your idea, then you are sadly mistaken.

You cannot pay fror truth. Truth is there.

It is there. Reality is there. How can you pay for it?

You must know that you are seekers. You have to get it and establish it within yourselves.

This is the truth: that you are made as an instrument of God’s power

and now you will be connected to the mains by His powers only, by His divine love

and the power will start flowing through you.

You will be manifesting that power through your spirit and you will see for yourself and enjoy that.

Shri Mataji, 1981

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