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Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

Sitting down, you can reach the world. You can feel the kundalini of any person in the whole world and you can cure the chakras or improve the chakras of the other person. Sitting down here you can do it. You can tell about the condition of the kundalini of another person.

Shri Mataji, 1977

If you glance with these innocent eyes, you can do so much good, so much benevolence for other people. And sitting down here, you can know about anyone you want to know. You don’t have to go anywhere or telephone to anyone. Just sitting down, you will know what is the situation of the chakras of this and that person because this power, which is all-pervading, is a more efficient communication power than anybody can think of. It is so alert, so attentive, so precise that, surprisingly, it works in a split of a second…. Then you become so confident that you are protected. You know you are protected.

Shri Mataji, 1994

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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who founded Sahaja YogaTo love God is … difficult. Without seeing Him, without knowing Him, without knowing His bounties, without getting Realisation, it is very difficult. But today that is not the case, but still you have to have no fear in your mind. Trust – you trust yourself and trust others. First of all, try to trust yourself. If you have made mistakes, you have to say, “Yes, I have made mistakes…” Trust yourself that you can correct yourself also.

Trusting doesn’t mean a blind ego trip. It does not mean that. Trust means that “Yes, I can correct myself. I can improve. I can do better…. I have been faltering, but I can correct. I have that strength within me. I can rise above all these things. I have that thing within me that I can use to my advantage.”

Trust yourself. Trust that you are realised souls. Trust that God loves you, that He has chosen you to be His instrument.

Love yourself…. You have to perfect yourself and trust in yourself that you can perfect yourself through your kundalini awakening….

A clean heart, transparent open heart – trust others. Talk to everyone with an open heart. Trust others.

Why do you doubt? If you do not doubt yourself, you’ll not doubt others…. What is there to be afraid of anyone? What is there not to trust anyone? What is there to be angry with anyone? Talk to everyone. Shake hands with everyone. Be nice to everyone. On the way, if you find somebody’s difficult, give him a hand….

If somebody cannot sit properly or has a problem, you try to remove the problem. If the person cannot stand, give the place…. Allow your heart to be drenched in your Mother’s love. Just allow.

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga 1981

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Shri Ganesha

Shri Ganesha

Shri Ganesha

But now that you are realised, you can understand that by the power of Shri Ganesha’s name you can get your Realisation. By taking His name alone, any disease or any pain will disappear. He is eternal. He is always present within us. When you get your Realisation, you can feel Him. And if you are not realised, you cannot understand Him. That is why people get misled and do wrong things.

 But with Shri Ganesha’s blessings you can do so many things and neither will you feel greedy, nor will you have any problems because He does all the work for you. He takes care of you. Though He is a little boy, He looks after you. Shri Ganesha is a very great power by which so much work is getting done. For me, He is the purest and my own.

Shri Mataji, speaking on the occasion of Shri Ganesha’s birthday, 2008

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Sierra Leone countryside

It is July 2008, just one year since finding Patrick Sheriff alive in Bo, Sierra Leone, after eighteen years of no contact. That was in itself an amazing event following the chance meeting with the Sierra Leonian lady in a shopping centre in Toowoomba, Australia, nine months earlier. So much has occurred during the past twelve months.
July 2007 quickly became October 2007and we found ourselves sitting at Shri Mataji’s feet discussing the possible Tour of Sierra Leone in March 2008. That promised date soon took place and we found ourselves landing at Lungi Airport on 7 March after many vexing pre-flight preparations. Patrick was on such a high as he met us at the airport. It was 21 years since he visited Shudy Camps in England and met other yogis and later on Shri Mataji. 


During the 4-week Sierra Leone tour, six Sahaja yogis flew in from other countries to support the daily activities. Every day the public found us at Aberdeen Beach waiting under the twin trees. Simply, people came and sat on the sand with hands out and gained the experience of Self-realisation without too many questions. Day after day this was happening from 8.00am onwards.


We made contact with the manager of ABC TV in Sierra Leone, and thanks to his good nature we had radio announcements telling about the beach programs across from the UN helicopter pad. Also he agreed to broadcast a DVD of Shri Mataji followed by a live interview on television. The public were able to call and ask questions live as we sat in the studio and replied on screen. This session happened at peak viewing time and lasted for one hour.
He advised us that the Ballanta Music Festival was happy to allow us space during their event. We found our way there and put up our poster. Soon people were sitting in the chairs provided and taking the opportunity that was offered. Suddenly, a lady came around the building and her face lit up. She was the Principal of the Ballanta Academy of Music. She was so pleased to meet us as she had gained Self-realisation nine years earlier in the USA and never imagined Sahaja Yoga would be in Freetown. Over the past two months she has been holding Sahaja Yoga weekly meetings in Freetown.
Once we were invited to a dance troupe and 120 people or more felt the Cool Breeze. Day by day, many more found us on the beach. Once we had some children sitting with us and we asked one if he would sing a song for us. Immediately he spoke up and recited the Koran for us for the next thirty minutes. Who are these souls? Shri Mother’s children!


One day we only had about a dozen people with us and a man was walking past along the edge of the water with a rectangular board under his arm. I motioned to him to come but he kept walking even though he had noticed. I motioned again and he turned towards us. He sat down and took Self-realisation and would not leave us. The next day he arrived with a partially finished sketch of Shri Mataji taken from the leaflets we supplied. Later he asked if could he do another sketch, somewhat larger this time. They were both very beautiful.


As April arrived we prepared to celebrate Patrick’s 75th birthday which we all enjoyed. A few days later we were to catch the ferry to go across to Lungi Airport, to leave for home. In the months since our departure from Sierra Leone regular phone and email contact has been going on. Six weeks ago it was decided to set up a Sahaja Yoga ashram in Freetown.
Peter Corden


Editor: This story is a follow-up to our earlier story about the Sahaja Yoga realisation tour in Sierra Leone in March 2008. It is written by an Australian Sahaja yogi who went to Sierra Leone to help with the tour. The earlier story can be found here.


(Photograph: www.sahaja-yoga-sl.org)

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Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

The central path of evolution has brought you today to this level of human awareness. Now beyond that is a very short ascent which you have to achieve, by which you become the spirit. But there has to be some living process  for this to happen. And what is that living process built within us? It is the reflection of the Holy Ghost within us in the triangular bone [sacrum], which is called as Kundalini in the Sanskrit language. This exists within us…. At the top of the head, it pulsates and then it breaks. When this breaks, the pulsation stops and you start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your fontanel bone area. This is the happening … that takes place so that you get connected with the truth.

So the connection takes place and you start feeling on your fingertips the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost which surrounds you. Actually you start feeling…. One should know that when we have eyes we start seeing, when we have ears we start hearing; so now you have got a new awareness. What is this awareness? This is the awareness of collective consciousness, that you become. Again, I say, “You become.” You are not just certified, but you become. It’s a question of becoming, that you become collectively conscious, that on your central nervous system you can feel another person. You can feel yourself. You can feel your centres [chakras]. You can feel the centres of others on your fingertips.

Shri Mataji, 1984

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