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Divine Power

Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

The truth is that this Divine Power is compassion, is love. This is the truth. They say God is love and God is truth, so the equation has to be made that truth is love and love is truth. But it is not a truth as you have for your own children, you have for your family – attached. Attached love is not truth. If you are attached to somebody, then you will never see the bad points of that person. If you are angry with somebody, then you can never see the good points of that person. But it is a complete, detached love and that love is extremely powerful because whenever you project that love to anyone, you will be surprised. The problems of that person will be solved. His personality will improve. Everything will work out in a very big way and his life will be changed….

To be detached in no way means you do not feel the other person. You do feel him. You feel the agony of that person, the trouble of that person, of the whole society sometimes and of the whole country, but your feeling is so detached that the All-pervading Power takes over. First we must have full faith in the capability of this All-pervading Power. As soon as you are detached, you say, “You do it….” The whole thing changes completely because you transfer all your responsibilities, all your problems to this Divine Power which is so powerful, which is so capable, which can work out anything.

Shri Mataji, 1998

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Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

… we think that if we love each other, if we love Mother, that is the end of everything. It’s not true, also, because you see, your love for Me is there, no doubt, and it should be intense, it should be deeper, but the deeper you go into that love, then you will be surprised how you receive a special quality of correcting the things that are wrong around you. Gradually that quality improves.

 For example, a Sahaja yogi goes to anybody’s house, that house must become auspicious. But such a Sahaja yogi must have a good heart. If the heart is not good, in the heart there is still anger, passion, lust, greed, then such a heart won’t affect. But a person who has purified himself, if he goes into any family, any household, any society, the whole change will take place. The circumstances will change. Things that do not work out will start working out immediately.

Like they said: “Mother, as soon as you sent from this Sunday, everything started working out, as far as the television is concerned and radio is concerned.” I didn’t do anything – in a way! But that should happen with you also.

Shri Mataji, 1987

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Freedom and LiberationShri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, will be 85 years old on the 21st March, 2008. To celebrate this important occasion, there will be screenings throughout the world of an inspiring new film about her amazing life.

Nirmala Devi, Freedom and Liberation tells of Shri Mataji’s early days as a child growing up in a wealthy family in India, her days as a youth leader in Mahatama Gandhi’s Freedom movement, her time as wife, mother and grandmother, her development of a unique method for giving realisation and her founding of Sahaja Yoga.

Since 1970 Shri Mataji has travelled the world continuously, talking to people and giving realisation. Even now, she still travels to meet with Sahaja yogis from all over the world.  

The documentary film, made in Germany, was directed by Carolin Dassel. Combining beautiful music, archival material and interviews with key people, the film provides profound insights into the life and work of Shri Mataji.

For more information about the film, including previews, follow the link:


Information about screening venues and times in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Romania can be found here:


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Sahaja Yogi at AlandiThe following story is about a Sahaja Yoga program that was held recently at Alandi, in Maharashtra State, India. Alandi is the place on the Indrayani River where Saint Gyaneshwar took his Samadhi. The account was written by Arno from Pune in Maharashtra. The photograph shows a Sahaja yogi visiting Alandi.

“Shri Mataji has told us Sahaja Yogis that Saint Gyaneshwar (1275-1296) was the incarnation of Lord Kartikeyya. He was – after obtaining permission from his elder brother and guru, Nivrittinath – the first one who openly spoke about the Kundalini. He was born, like so many great saints, in Maharashtra and spoke about God in the local language, Marathi, not in the Sanskrit used by the priest caste. In the 6th chapter of his treatise, Bhavarthadeepika (commonly known as the Gyaneshwari or Jnaneshwari) he described the Kundalini in all details. Therefore, the Brahmins forbade everybody except themselves to read this chapter.

“At the age of 23 Sant Gyaneshwar took his Samadhi, which means he left his physical body and merged into God Almighty. This happened in the year 1296 at Alandi, about15 km from Pune, where yesterday, 25th February 2008, a Sahaja Yoga Program was held.

“A couple of days before the program, permission and Blessings were taken from Shri Adi Shakti Mataji in Prathisthan. Shri Mataji gave Her full Blessings. The program took place in a school about 500 m from the place on the banks of a river where Gyaneshwar took his Samadhi. The program was attended by about 700 people: simple people, dressed in cotton kurtas and saris, many of the men wearing the typical white “Gandhi cap”, also many children.

“After an introduction by a Sahaja Yogi uncle and several bhajans sung by the Pune Bhajan group, an excerpt from Ramayana, a television series by Ramanand Sagar, was shown. This excerpt is used in Sahaja Yoga programs all over India and shows Luv and Kush receiving their Kundalini Awakening from their Guru, Valmiki Rishi. So, it shows to ordinary people that Kundalini Awakening is very much based on their own tradition and religious and cultural heritage.

“As Alandi, due to tourism, commercialism, ritualism, Brahmanism and a lot of other isms, has normally heavy vibrations, it took some time for the vibrations to clear out. Then a Marathi speech of Shri Mataji was projected onto two big video screens, followed by step-by-step-realization given by Shri Mataji! The vibrations were becoming tremendous and lots of vibrations were also coming from Mother Earth. The program was a full success and also a clearing for the entire area. It was amazing to see how much the eyes of all the people who had just received their realisation were shining. ”

Arno from Pune

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Bliss Is Everywhere


This bliss then, you find everywhere. In a little thing also you find there is bliss. Zen taught that to people. They saw bliss in seeing only a moss, a little bit of moss. And you see the moss and you say, “Oh God, what a beautiful piece it is.” God has created a little moss and that moss has all the little, little tentacles and that bliss. But those who are vain people can never feel bliss. Vanity kills bliss. Ego kills bliss….

It is so beautiful. How many have got this bliss? Have sympathy for them, have compassion for them, those who do not have.

But bliss comes to you through your confidence in yourself. If you have no confidence in yourself, bliss cannot be. And the worst thing against confidence is [saying], “Then what should I do? Then how can I get it? Then why not I have?” It is the worst, you fighting yourself all the time. You are that, sitting on that and still if you are saying, “Why shouldn’t I have it?”

So what to answer? I mean, you just want to ask because you have to ask. It is there. Why are you asking? Just feel it. If that works out, that you feel where you are sitting, then you will be surprised that you are at peace with yourself and there is bliss.

Shri Mataji, 1985

(Photograph: thefreedictionary.com)

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