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During an early visit to New Zealand, Shri Mataji was interviewed live by a well-known radio personality who had a reputation for cynicism and aggression. The exchange began with some hard-hitting questions about religion, the world situation and other contentious subjects. Shri Mataji answered with Her usual relaxed aplomb.

Health became the topic and the interviewer admitted that he was diabetic. Shri Mataji talked about the causes of diabetes and the way in which it can be overcome through Self Realisation, which She explained. As the interview progressed, the interviewer became more sympathetic and positive.

‘Are you a Messiah? A prophet?’ he eventually asked. Shri Mataji didn’t reply and suddenly the interviewer started saying, ‘I can feel this coolness on my hands! When I bring them together it feels as if I’m holding a ball of cool wind!’ He explained how, at the beginning of the interview he was very sceptical, ‘but now I can feel it.’

The workers at the radio station couldn’t believe what they were hearing. What the interviewer was saying was so out of character. They crowded around the studio window to watch and listen.

Later the interviewer said he could feel the coolness in his head.

‘What about everybody else?’ he asked.

‘They can get it too,’ said Shri Mataji. ‘Just tell them to put their hands out to the radio and they will get it.’

That evening Shri Mataji told us that although the interviewer had a bad reputation, underneath he was quite humble, and so was ready for his transformation.

‘That is why he felt it so strongly,’ She said.

The radio programme prompted a number of newspaper articles, all very respectful of Shri Mataji and very positive about Sahaja Yoga. Shri Mataji has told this story many times around the world.

Brian Bell

From: Eternally Inspiring Recollections of Our Holy Mother. Volume 4 – Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Pune, India: Nirmal Transformation, 2007.

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A New Creation

Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

You are a realised soul and a realised soul is something so unique that you cannot give a parallel to it. There cannot be a parallel. For example, I can say if there is a wind blowing, then all the trees move in the same direction. But human beings, if the wind is blowing, supposing any wind is coming, somebody will go this way, somebody will go that way because they have a will. But Sahaja Yogis, if the wind is blowing, all of them will put their heads against the wind and fight it.

This is a thing which cannot be given any parallel because you are going above human things. So far never such a thing has existed. You are such unique creations that there is. I cannot compare you with anything that was below or, I should say, which was not of this level. The level is different. So when you do everything the same way, you are doing it because you are aware of that collectivity of the Primordial Being within you. That’s why you are doing it.

This transition is the point which you should catch. That’s something I feel, that when you start giving any analogies and all that, how can you give an analogy for something that never existed before? Never.

Shri Mataji, 1980

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What Is Most Joy-giving

flowerscannaslr-thumb.jpgWhat is most joy-giving to Me was creating Sahaja Yogis and listening to them and talking to them, the way they were so sweet and so kind and so respectful. All this has helped Me so much and I must thank you for that. With your support, with your help, with your understanding, I could achieve it. If I could achieve it on My own, I would never have asked for this help of yours. But you are just like My hands, you are just like My eyes and I need you very much because, without you, I cannot do it.

It’s like channelising. Unless and until you have channels, what’s the use of being the Adi Shakti or anything – how will you channelise it? If there’s electrical movement, you need channels; otherwise, it is a static thing. In the same way, I felt always that I needed more and more channels. And when it worked out, I was really, really in a very great spirit.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, Sahasrara Puja, 2000

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Shri Mataji’s Love

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga

The brain must be used to understand clearly what are the ideals of a Sahaja Yogi, what are the things that a Sahaja Yogi should do, how he should behave in life, what methods he should follow. And then he has to bring it to his heart, through the meditative processes, through surrendering. How I give you second birth you know very well. I conceive you in My Heart, otherwise I cannot do it. Because My Heart is so pure, it cleanses you. By compassion, My Love cleanses you and then I can take you out of My Sahasrara … And when that has happened, you become a new personality.
(Shri Mataji, Diwali Puja, 1983)

Let us establish within ourself, on a subtle level, the desire to be pure and to be cleansed out – all the barriers and unclean things that are within us – to desire to be great Sahaja Yogis, desire to be responsible Sahaja Yogis and desire to be surrendered to your Mother. It’s not difficult.

The last one is the easiest because … I don’t want anything from you, except that you accept My Love. Surrendering just means you open your heart to accept My Love. Give up this ego – that’s all – and it will work out. I’m sure it’s going to work out.
(Shri Mataji, Shri Mahakali Puja, 1982)

A certain amount of understanding should be there and you must feel My Love in your heart, that’s all. I don’t want to make anybody unhappy. Sahaja Yoga has come to make you extremely happy, joyous and peaceful
(Shri Mataji, 17 December 1988)

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The pure spirit is reflected in Sahaja yogis, as sunlight is reflected in water.The one who is reflected within us is the Shiva, which is the pure spirit. This pure spirit within us is the reflection of God Almighty, Sadashiva. It’s like the sun that falls on the water and gives a clear reflection or else it falls on the stone and it doesn’t give any reflection at all. If you have the mirror, the sun will not only fall on the mirror, but will reflect back its light.

In the same way in the human beings, the reflection of God Almighty is expressed in the way the personality is. If your personality is clean and clear, innocent, then the reflection could be like a mirror. Thus the saintly people, they reflect God Almighty in the proper manner, in the sense that their own identification with wrong things is no more. When there is no such identification and when a person is absolutely the pure spirit, then the reflection of God reflects into others.

Luckily, you have all got your Self-realisation. That means the reflection of God Almighty is already working into your attention. The attention is enlightened by the power of the spirit. The power of the spirit is that it is a reflection. That means the reflection is never identified with the mirror or with the water. It is there until the sun shines and when there is no sun there is no reflection.

So when you are in Sahaja Yoga, you have cleansed out yourself. Your Kundalini has also cleansed you and now you are pure personalities. That’s why this reflection is clearer and clearer and people see it, see it on your face. They see it in your body. They see it in your work, in your behaviour, in everywhere.

Shri Mataji, Shivaratri Puja, 1995 

(Photograph by Vishnu Bonneau) 

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