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Diwali lights

Diwali lights

The lights of your heart together make a greater light for the world to move in a proper direction.

It’s a day of great joy, and those who join in this, are spreading also great joy.

But the problems are there, as they say, but for us there is no problem because there is no darkness. We don’t see any darkness anywhere. We see lights, and lights, and lights.

Then what is the thing missing? Missing is our sincerity. We have to be very sincere with ourselves, because it is not just a borrowed love or borrowed joy, but it is from within the source. It’s flowing and flowing and flowing.

So that is to be awakened, and that love should flow, and our small petty things like jealousies and competitions and all those things which spoil us must be washed away. And it can be washed if your heart is full of love.

Today is a day of spreading that light of love, so that everybody feels enlightened and happy and forgets these petty problems.

I am happy that you have been able to get some hall. It’s all luck that we got it. People were so much worried about getting a hall. But it had just happened. So you should know also that our destiny is all also guided and looked after. You are already blessed people; there is no doubt about it. And we should not worry about small things and small matters. It will all work out very well, you will see, if you just leave it to your destiny, which is very high, very great – in this your own destiny you will go very far.

This is the Promise of Diwali to you all, that you will reach the highest and the noblest way of life. Every word I say will be there to prove what I say is there.

Whatever petty problems you have, they’ll all be washed off. All these are the messages from the Divine. You don’t have to worry about petty things, about money, about jobs. That’s not your job. Your destiny will work it out.

You have a promise that you’ll be looked after. I hope you believe in that promise and are joyous in the highest way. I bless you all from my heart, all of you, for a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga, Diwali 2003

(Photograph: indianfestivals.info)

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Before we came to Mother’s side
We felt knowledge was the key
To unfolding all the mysteries
Of life to set us free.

Now we know that ego’s trap
Ensnares our wisdom, and yet
We still attempt to solve it all
By falling further into the net!

It is only through surrender
To the Great Intelligence
That we come to understand
The Divine, Authentic Sense.

God is Knowledge: God is Love.
The truth is there to see
As long as we acknowledge
That wondrous symmetry.

Melody Anderson

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The Role of Sahaja Yogis

Shri Mataji Nirmala DeviAs Sahaja yogis, you are powerful entities. You are very powerful people. We have got problems in the whole world. You know that very well. It’s not necessary you have to be great intellectuals or you have to be people who are some sort of politicians or something. But you must be on the lookout for the problems which are troubling this world. You have to. You cannot live in your own world, that you are a saint…. You can’t just be in nirananda. You have to know that you have to live in this world. And you have to know all the problems of this world. And you have to think about them, not only your problems…. You have to think, “What’s happening in the world? What are the problems of the world?” You are responsible for that.

Not only that, but you have to pray. In your prayers you have to say, “Mother, solve this problem.” Collectively, individually, you have to take your attention from yourself, from your smaller life to a much wider thing. Then you are a saint. And you have to think that it is your duty to ask for divine help, that all these problems should be solved. This your job for which you are selected.

Your asking is going to work it out because, as you know, I am desireless. You have to desire for it. Whatever you desire will work out. The protection, the affection, the compassion of Mother is with you. But you have to look after this world and show the concern that you have, not to live with very limited areas and with very limited ways…. Your problems extend to all the places wherever there is Sahaja Yoga. And you have to worry about all of them….

As soon as you spread your attention outside, your problems are solved in the house, in the smallest circumstance. You have to pay attention outside.

There are important things that are happening which you can see for yourself. You can scan it out, what are the world problems, and you can see for yourself where you have to put your attention. You should become aware of your personality. It’s not a personality that can be completely involved into a very small area. Your personality should get involved into all the problems of the universe, all the problems there are and you’ll be amazed that everything can work out in a very collective way….

So stretch out your vibrations. Stretch out your attention and you’ll be amazed that all other stupid problems that you have will be finished.

Shri Mataji, 1988

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Freedom and LiberationShri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, will be 85 years old on the 21st March, 2008. To celebrate this important occasion, there will be screenings throughout the world of an inspiring new film about her amazing life.

Nirmala Devi, Freedom and Liberation tells of Shri Mataji’s early days as a child growing up in a wealthy family in India, her days as a youth leader in Mahatama Gandhi’s Freedom movement, her time as wife, mother and grandmother, her development of a unique method for giving realisation and her founding of Sahaja Yoga.

Since 1970 Shri Mataji has travelled the world continuously, talking to people and giving realisation. Even now, she still travels to meet with Sahaja yogis from all over the world.  

The documentary film, made in Germany, was directed by Carolin Dassel. Combining beautiful music, archival material and interviews with key people, the film provides profound insights into the life and work of Shri Mataji.

For more information about the film, including previews, follow the link:


Information about screening venues and times in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Romania can be found here:


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One day in London, in one of the countless sessions that she granted so benevolently, Shri Mataji was working on a Sahaja Yogi and there was a blockage on the finger corresponding to the right side of the throat chakra. We were sitting around him, all feeling the same pressure in our corresponding finger. Shri Mataji told him: “Your father must be down with a bad dose of bronchitis.” At the end of the session, somewhat intrigued, our friend picked up the telephone and called home to Scotland. His mother came to the telephone and told him, word for word: “Your father cannot come to the phone; he is in bed with a bad dose of bronchitis.”

Sahaja Yogis are those who have entered collective consciousness. They are sensitive to the condition of other people, in ways mostly closed to the rest of us. In this particular case, the young man was feeling in his own system the impact of the condition of his father, hundreds of miles away. The advantage in Sahaja Yoga is that we also learn how to free our chakras from such interferences. Medical science has not yet reached the level where it can register such psychosomatic phenomena but that does not mean such phenomena do not exist.

Gregoire de Kalbermatten, The Third Advent. Camberwell: Viking, 2003, p. 177-8.

(Photograph: www.sahajayoga.ch)

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