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Sahaja yoga meditation radio programs are being hosted at 2MCE FM Bathurst, NSW (Charles Sturt University, Bathurst) on a fortnightly basis.

Here are some news and feedback regarding the radio programs.
A lady mentioned, “I was driving and felt very relaxed. I’ve never encountered something like that. The music was great. I did not know the chakras were in our hands!”.

Michelle (2MCE program coordinator) added, ” When their program is on, the atmosphere in the office changes completely. It is peaceful and no one gossips against anyone.”

It is really a great station and we get to meet other presenters and future presenters who ask us about our program and show a genuine interest. The staff are really supportive. One of them said, “To be presenters is a real privilege, is an honour! As soon as people tune in, you are invited into so many homes, offices, cars.”
We are really enjoying preparing the programs and playing at being panel operators, presenters, weather forecast announcers, DJs, meditators.

A little anecdote: we were deeply enjoying one of the meditations in our second program so much we totally forgot to put on the National News. No one complained and we had a good laugh!
If you are not around Bathurst (93.2FM) or Orange (94.7 FM) and you want to listen to this program, we can be heard every second Monday at www.2mce.org between about 1.30pm and 3.30pm, right after the local news. Click on “Audio downloads/streaming” on the top of the homepage then on the second “here”.
The 2MCE Sahaj radio team

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Sierra Leone countryside

It is July 2008, just one year since finding Patrick Sheriff alive in Bo, Sierra Leone, after eighteen years of no contact. That was in itself an amazing event following the chance meeting with the Sierra Leonian lady in a shopping centre in Toowoomba, Australia, nine months earlier. So much has occurred during the past twelve months.
July 2007 quickly became October 2007and we found ourselves sitting at Shri Mataji’s feet discussing the possible Tour of Sierra Leone in March 2008. That promised date soon took place and we found ourselves landing at Lungi Airport on 7 March after many vexing pre-flight preparations. Patrick was on such a high as he met us at the airport. It was 21 years since he visited Shudy Camps in England and met other yogis and later on Shri Mataji. 


During the 4-week Sierra Leone tour, six Sahaja yogis flew in from other countries to support the daily activities. Every day the public found us at Aberdeen Beach waiting under the twin trees. Simply, people came and sat on the sand with hands out and gained the experience of Self-realisation without too many questions. Day after day this was happening from 8.00am onwards.


We made contact with the manager of ABC TV in Sierra Leone, and thanks to his good nature we had radio announcements telling about the beach programs across from the UN helicopter pad. Also he agreed to broadcast a DVD of Shri Mataji followed by a live interview on television. The public were able to call and ask questions live as we sat in the studio and replied on screen. This session happened at peak viewing time and lasted for one hour.
He advised us that the Ballanta Music Festival was happy to allow us space during their event. We found our way there and put up our poster. Soon people were sitting in the chairs provided and taking the opportunity that was offered. Suddenly, a lady came around the building and her face lit up. She was the Principal of the Ballanta Academy of Music. She was so pleased to meet us as she had gained Self-realisation nine years earlier in the USA and never imagined Sahaja Yoga would be in Freetown. Over the past two months she has been holding Sahaja Yoga weekly meetings in Freetown.
Once we were invited to a dance troupe and 120 people or more felt the Cool Breeze. Day by day, many more found us on the beach. Once we had some children sitting with us and we asked one if he would sing a song for us. Immediately he spoke up and recited the Koran for us for the next thirty minutes. Who are these souls? Shri Mother’s children!


One day we only had about a dozen people with us and a man was walking past along the edge of the water with a rectangular board under his arm. I motioned to him to come but he kept walking even though he had noticed. I motioned again and he turned towards us. He sat down and took Self-realisation and would not leave us. The next day he arrived with a partially finished sketch of Shri Mataji taken from the leaflets we supplied. Later he asked if could he do another sketch, somewhat larger this time. They were both very beautiful.


As April arrived we prepared to celebrate Patrick’s 75th birthday which we all enjoyed. A few days later we were to catch the ferry to go across to Lungi Airport, to leave for home. In the months since our departure from Sierra Leone regular phone and email contact has been going on. Six weeks ago it was decided to set up a Sahaja Yoga ashram in Freetown.
Peter Corden


Editor: This story is a follow-up to our earlier story about the Sahaja Yoga realisation tour in Sierra Leone in March 2008. It is written by an Australian Sahaja yogi who went to Sierra Leone to help with the tour. The earlier story can be found here.


(Photograph: www.sahaja-yoga-sl.org)

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The Russian Music Group has been helping spread Sahaja Yoga in Israel. For the last two weeks, the Israeli collective was blessed with Nirmal Naad (Russia) visit. It was one of the most wonderful periods we had as Sahaja yogis here. All people were working together to fulfil this great task. Everyone did his/her part to make all the pieces of the puzzle be in the right place.

We managed to organise 12 public concerts throughout the country from north to south. The group also gave an interview and performed on a TV channel. Many Israelis attended the concerts and now we can already see the first results of the tour. There are phone calls from people in several cities, asking about follow-ups. We are told that people describe for those who did not attend the concerts how impressive the concerts were. In one town, a woman brought flowers to a follow-up program.

We also have been contacted by a new Centre of Yoga which expressed the desire to invite Nirmal Naad to perform at the felicitation ceremony in the Centre. Although it was too late for Nirmal Naad, we are going to  present Sahaja Yoga there; the Centre might be able to attract real seekers. The musicians’ dedication, talent, creativity and spontaneity made the public feel the joy and pure vibrations of Sahaj music. They worked really hard to achieve this and we are really grateful for that.

On behalf of the whole Israeli collective, I want to thank all the brothers and sisters in Russia for the commitment and support given to this precious event by sending here such great musicians and yogis!

Valentin Popa, Israel

To listen to a music item from the concert, click on the following link:

 Nirmal Naad in concert in Israel 

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Mother Earth



So just now one has to accept that to be like the Mother Earth we have to be forbearing – dhara. She is the sustenance of everything, she takes everything, the vibrations are sucked in. And now for the first time, after realisation you can give her back what you have got it from her. You can give vibrations to her trees that are created; you can make them beautiful. You can transform a flower into a more beautiful flower. Now whatever you have to give, what you have got from the Mother Earth you can give, because your Mother Earth is awakened within you now. So you return her back everything that you got from her and give it to others: generosity, the greatness of heart, nobility, forgiveness, love, affection, bearing everything for love ….

So this is what one has to develop now, whether you are men or women: as Sahaja yogis you must develop a new consciousness of affection, love and compassion.

Shri Mataji, 1983

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