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Spiral galaxy

Spiral galaxy

Oh, Energy of Pure Love Divine,
The Love that means Forgiveness, Care and Grace,
We wish that in our hearts you always shine,
You are the highest blessing that a soul can embrace!

In the Ocean of Emptiness, which is so great
That even atoms stay apart, very far away,
The Cosmic Rays are searching for their fate,
And lonely Stars are sliding along their way.

The Galaxies move slowly in a caravan
Across the sleeping universal Face.
No, you are not empty, the Cosmic Ocean –
The Creator’s eyes pierce, with Love, your Space!

Oh, Energy of Pure Love Divine,
The Love that means Forgiveness, Grace and Care,
We wish that in our hearts you would always shine,
As constant thankfulness that our souls bear!

We wonder how to correct our ailing world,
Which is so hard to grasp and still so usual,
Without cruel idols and angry words,
But only with Love – the force most unusual.
And when we look in empty cosmic space
We feel this love that pours from above.
How could they say that Universe is full of emptiness?
It’s only full of All-Pervading Love.

She is the one that moves starry worlds above
And whirls the planets like little flakes of snow,
And those not deaf from within
Can hear the call of Love –
The force always victorious, wherever it goes.

Vladimir Mikhanovsky. Hope Faith Love: The Road to God. Pune, India: Nirmal Transformations, 2007.

(Photograph: geology.com)

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Shri Mataji is happy when we sing collectively and that’s why the more Sahaja Yogis there are singing together, the stronger the vibrations.

I am reminded of an old cassette Subhash and I were listening to some time back. It was one of Shri Mataji’s Puja lectures in India (Calcutta or Delhi). We had listened to this lecture a few times before but would switch the tape off after the lecture. This time the tape continued to play after Shri Mataji’s lecture.

Shri Mataji asked the Sahaja Yogis to sing bhajans and asked if they had a harmonium with them. Although they did not have a harmonium or any other musical instrument, one of the yogis sang a bhajan in praise of Shri Mataji. At the completion of the bhajan, Mother said, “Good! But I would like all of you to sing one bhajan collectively.”

“And I want you all to clap,” She added.

The group had prepared a bhajan in Marathi to sing for Shri Mataji. They sang the bhajan collectively, clapping their hands rythmically three times (clap, clap, clap – clap, clap, clap – clap, clap, clap), the way we clap when we sing Aarti during Puja.

It was so beautiful, touching the heart! The bhajan was “Amhi matajinchya charnasi alo,” meaning, “As we have come to the Feet of Mother, we have been bathed in the Nectar of Chaitanya.” It’s a beautiful, beautiful bhajan. Subhash and I were hearing it for the first time. You can find this bhajan in the Sahaja Yoga Song Book.

At the end of the singing, Shri Mataji exclaimed, “What vibrations! So beautiful!”

She continued, “Because when you clap three times you beat your ego with the three powers of Shri Mahakali, Shri Mahalakshmi and Shri Mahasaraswati.”

This is such deep, Sahaja Yoga knowledge which we had not heard before. I opened my eyes and was so amazed. What did Shri Mataji say?

And we listened to this part again. My husband and I now understood why Baba Mama [Shri Mataji’s young brother] would ask the Sahaja Yogis to clap three times in Cabella when his music group was performing.

So now we clap three times whenever we sing or listen to bhajans.

Divine knowledge is coming to us slowly and so very beautifully. We keep learning all the time, sharing our beautiful experiences and miracle stories.

Manju Dhingra

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Please enjoy the following guided mediation with Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation:

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The Sign of Peace

                       Shri Matajiram_dassehra_05yp2_les_avants_871004.jpg

You should find, yourself, what’s wrong with you. But it’s not what’s wrong with you that is the problem. What’s right with you is the attitude. Whatever is right with you, put your foot on that. Establish yourself on that point and then develop yourself further. Peace is the keynote…

Try to assimilate within yourself. First grow yourself. That growth itself will tell others how one should be. Your own character, your own temperament, your own nature, your own behaviour – all this will tell others that this is a great man and they will try to follow your example.

Example is the best teaching. When the tree is small, even if it says, “I am great,” nobody is going to come and sit under a dwarf tree. But when it is a big tree, you can see the shade and everybody knows it’s a big tree and they can come and sit under that. You don’t have to tell. In the same way, when you grow you don’t have to certify that “I am great.” It just works.

Now the peace within expresses, first, as peace with others. That is the first sign of the manifestation of peace. Such a person doesn’t use harsh words, doesn’t use cruel words, but he is also not a person who is ineffective. He is very effective, using very sweet and nice words. Maybe he begins by using harsh words, then he mellows down and comes down to a position where he is effective as well as he is very mild and sweet. Such a personality has to be developed outside.

Shri Mataji, 1985

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Shri Mataji, Easter 1988Christ’s message of love and forgiveness is the same even today, preached by all – all the saints, all the incarnations, all the prophets. They all have said about love and forgiveness. If it was challenged or people felt that this won’t work out, they were asked to have faith in what was said.
Shri Mataji, 1996

If you love a person, you do forgive. You don’t feel bad. Not to forgive is dificult, but to forgive is the best. At least when you forgive, there is no headache for you.

So this love, which is joy … when this love melts and flows like a river and gives nourishment to all the surrounding trees on the shores, that is the time. It is the completion of the individuality or a personality of that love. And that’s the time it feels fulfilled. It’s not just that you have a light in the corner, but it has to flow, it has to move, it has to flourish. Love is not something dead like a stone. When it melts, it encompasses everything and everything becomes very beautiful with that.

So you have to first understand that life is for giving joy to others because you are now saints and your light has to give joy.
Shri Mataji, 1991

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