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What a Promise!

Sahaja Yoga self-realisation in Greece

What is Sahaja Yoga?

It is the right of every seeker to have this connection with the Divine. This you are doing in your own right, no doubt. There I cannot challenge your right. It’s your right.

Say, for example, in a government it’s decided that all those people under sixteen must be given five pounds each. All right, as long as you are under sixteen, you have a right and the governments will see to it that they fulfil that promise.

In the same way, you are promised in the modern times, all those who will ask for Realisation will be granted.

What a promise to make – just imagine! And you use Me for that purpose – or Sahaja Yogis for that purpose … The time has come and I have to give you Realisation …

But if nobody asks, the government won’t go back to them and tell them, “Now, please have it, we beg of you. We fall at your feet …”

If you think you have the right, then you must assume also the power of the spirit within you. You have to keep your attention to your spirit …

People don’t understand how we’ve done it. We have because the spirit is the dynamism within us. It is the thing like one diamond – which is put in a ring and embedded in the soil, saved permanently just to keep it out of problems – is suddenly discovered.

And that’s why it is all we seek. The basis of all our existence is nothing but our spirit. That’s the basis. That’s the adhara [support]. That’s the support. And to us, it should be a special blessing.

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga, 1980

(Photograph: www.sahajayogahellas.org)

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Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja YogaThe following extract is from a talk given by the founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at Caxton Hall, London, in 1979.

I have known people who went so mad with the power of curing that they started visiting regularly the hospitals and they ended up in the hospital also. They would not even come to the programmes. They would not come and see Me. So this is one of the greatest hurdles of God, is the Vyadhi, is the bodily ailments. And the bodily ailments also should not keep you down too much. If you have some problem, forget it. Gradually you will improve. For some people it takes some time to get all right. But then the main thing is to get to your Spirit. So do not always say, “Mother, cure me, cure me, cure me.”

But just say, “Mother, keep me in the spiritual life.” You will be cured automatically.

It may take time with some people but you have been sick all your life. It does not matter if it takes a little more time, and also follow the methods, which we have told for the different diseases.

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Sahaja Yoga Philosophy



The philosophy of Sahaja Yoga is extremely simple. It is the simplest of all philosophies you can think of. It is a very simple philosophy. It is that once you get your Realisation you start feeling for the first time the all-pervading power and forget everything else. Once you get that feeling of the all-pervading power, only you know how to manoeuvre it, how to work it out and how to use it for your own growth. It is made easy. It has to be, as it is the most vital force that has to take place in the realm of spirituality….

The grace of God is so great that, once you get your Realisation, you become such a different person that everything drops out. You are really a transformed personality and so that one should know whatever is the past is finished now. It is no more there. The egg is finished. It is the bird. And whom to blame, whom to talk about that the bird is there? Now let the bird find its own wings and fly. Once you understand this simple thing of Sahaja Yoga – it is that we have to make everyone feel the all-pervading power of God to begin with. Unless and until they have felt it, we have not to accept them as realised souls. They have to feel it….

Understand that wisdom is higher than intellect and discretion is higher than debating. Take a very kind and compassionate attitude towards the rest of the people and then work it out that they should, somehow or other, feel this subtle force of God’s love.

Shri Mataji, 1983

(Photograph: 248am.com)

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My Heart Was Like the Sun

Sahaja Yoga founder, Shri MatajiIt was my first India tour, in the eighties, and I was one year in Sahaja Yoga. I was in quite a bad state and had a lot of pain in my Centre Heart. There was a procession in Vaitarna, but I was not at all in the mood for it. Everybody was dancing, there was music and Shri Mataji was [riding] in a bullock cart. I was walking at the side, and in my heart was saying, “I’m sorry, Shri Mataji, I can’t dance because I am in too much pain.” Then we went to a programme in the village where Shri Mataji gave realization and everybody could go and do namaskar [a mark of respect] to her. At the end I went there and did namaskar too, and Shri Mataji just put Her hand on my Centre Heart.

“Good!” She said, and at that moment my heart just opened, just exploded, so much that I have never felt like that. It was as if my heart was like the sun, radiating one kilometre and it was a huge experience. I knew my vibrations were not so good, but Shri Mataji said, “Good!” and opened my heart. Afterwards I went away and cried a little because it was so strong, and only Shri Mataji knew what was my state and what I needed.

Trupta de Graaf

From: Eternally Inspiring Recollections of Our Holy Mother. Volume 1 – Stories from India. Pune: Nirmal Infosystems & Technologies, 2006, pp 65-66.

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The Power of Meditation

Winter in PolandMore than 10 years ago in Poland we had a very troublesome person among politicians. He was trying to trouble all the political and economical issues in our country just to show his own potency. He somehow got coal miners on his side, and one day they threatened the whole country that coal miners would go on strike. They were even ready to stop distributing the coal already mined. It was a cold season; so without coal the whole country would really suffer.

Everyone was worrying because the threat was so real that they had even planned how to evacuate hospitals and other such facilities because it was said that the strike would not end until the government agreed with this man. The beginning of the general strike was marked for Thursday, and in Warsaw we have our Sahaj programs on Wednesdays.

So on Wednesday – the day before the strike – we celebrated a beautiful meditation upon Shri Adi Guru, thinking that as He is the Ocean, so He can spread His gentle and loving waves of peace all over Poland. And He did! We said mantras. We asked for sending peace all over. We really prayed for peace in the hearts and minds of Polish coal miners and all other people who were seeking the turmoil. And we meditated. And all this worked!

Next day the strike started two or three hours later than it was supposed to start and lasted only one hour. And then when the television interviewers spoke with some of the strikers they said they didn’t know why they had wanted to make this strike. It seemed they had lost interest in it. They not only didn’t want to strike, they also didn’t understand why they had wanted it, why they thought it was necessary. And nobody understood what had happened. This troublesome politician just lost his grip over these people. God’s peace entered into their hearts.

Needless to say, we were also a little bit surprised by the outcome of our humble meditation.
Hania Turczyn-Zalewska

(Photograph: villagreta.pl)

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