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On Sunday 23 December 2007 Shri Mataji blessed the Sahaja Yoga International Health Centre (Vashi hospital) at Belapur with a short visit. She greeted members of the staff with a beautiful smile as She arrived in the courtyard, which was decorated with rangoli (artistic designs created on the ground out of coloured powder). In the hallway were flowers and more flowers to welcome our Holy Mother.

Shri Mataji wanted to go straight into the large meditation room. It was initially very hot and we sang a bhajan. She was offered something to drink and She looked at the ceiling and asked for the fans to be turned off. Then everyone was asked to go back a bit to give Shri Mataji some air.

She was asked if She would like to go upstairs to rest and Shri Mataji said, “No.” She instead looked at the room, asked if the Sahaja Yogis wanted vibrations and then asked everyone to put their hands out. Everyone in the room did and She did as well. Then Shri Mataji looked at the room with Her love and everybody felt amazing vibrations. Shri Mataji asked, “Do you feel cool vibrations on your palms?” and all the Sahaja Yogis answered, “Yes,” and raised their hands. Dr Sandeep Rai said to the people, “Say it louder if you felt them,” and the whole room said, “Yes.”

Shri Mataji asked what diseases the patient had and Dr Madhur Rai told Shri Mataji about all the various diseases which had been cured. Shri Mataji asked what treatment was given for cancer. She asked how many patients were there and Dr Madhur said about eighty-five to ninety.

Dr Sandeep spoke about a possible extension to the building. Then Shri Mataji asked from where the patients came and Dr Sandeep Rai turned and asked what countries the Sahaja Yogis came from and the people started calling out their countries – Ukraine, Finland, USA, Turkey, etc.

All the Sahaja Yoga doctors who work at the Health Centre were present for Shri Mataji and She praised all the people working there for their good work.

After some time, Shri Mataji left for Pune and we all felt that bubbling joy and peace, which Shri Mataji always blesses us with when we are in Her presence, as well as a tremendous gratitude to Her for coming to see us.

The staff, doctors and workers here did a wonderful job of making the Health Centre look so beautiful to welcome Shri Mataji and She was smiling so much.

Natalia and others from San Diego

The photograph (courtesy of eugena.com.hk) shows Sahaja Yogis at the Sahaja Yoga International Health Centre at Belapur, near Mumbai, India.

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Knowing Yourself

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga

When you know yourself you are surprised that the greatest thing for you is to love and to be loved. You enjoy that collective love so much you absolutely overcome your baser self….

We human beings, so-called, are very selfish, self-centred and only worried about ourselves. That is what is said, but it’s surprising that with Self-realisation, with self-knowledge, with knowing yourself, you understand how rich you are within, how great you are within and how capable you are. This understanding comes to you and then that is expressed in such a beautiful manner….

When you know yourself, when you know what is reality and what is absolute truth, you just get dissolved into that knowledge. Of course, you are not knowledgeable in the way people are. You are knowledgeable in the real sense of the word because you realise what is within you is a big power of love. There’s a big power of understanding, a big power of oneness of the collective.

This collectivity works wonders and gives such joy that we are all one, we have no enemies, we have no problems. We are all one together. This joy was expressed by you is like the waves that go to the shores, touch the shores and come back, creating beautiful patterns. And I see that happening now, that these beautiful patterns are showing in your own life, in your lifestyle, in your behaviour….

There can be a diamond, very expensive, but it doesn’t know its value. There could be some dog or some animal which must be something par excellence, but he doesn’t know what he is. The same thing happens with human beings until they get their Self-realisation. And after realisation, they suddenly become aware of what they are and then suddenly they become very humble. They become very loving….

All this is because we have an innate value system, because we have inborn within us a great sense of love and compassion. This compassion has to be really understood and enjoyed and jump in the ocean of compassion – so beautiful. And you’ll be amazed that automatically you’ll swim, automatically you’ll meet other people also in the same ocean and – without any problems, without any troubles – all enjoying the bliss of this love, this compassion, this divine love.

Shri Mataji, 2000

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Shri Durga, the Devi

Shri Durga, the Devi

In Sahaja Yoga, Navaratri is the most important puja [celebration]. Though we can say in modern Sahaja Yoga, Sahasrara Day is, because that’s how you started getting your Realisation. But if you go to the whole historical events of evolution you’ll find Navaratri is the one which has brought you to Sahasrara. Without the help of the Devi [Goddess] at different stages of your ascent, you could not have been in a position to receive your Realisation. So all the steps that you took in the past are today worshipped and are used for thanking the Devi for what She did to bring you down. So it’s like a thanksgiving. Without Her work nothing could have happened.

So when we read about the Devi, about Her incarnations, how She came on this earth to save Her bhaktas [devotees], people who are trying to ascend, to cross this Bhavasagara [Void], how She worked hard, how She fought the devils, how She fought, She killed the demons single-handed, She took upon Herself the responsibility of making the people cross the Bhavasagara. Guru gave you the strength, taught dharma [right conduct], but She’s the one who brought you out. Even those who were dharmic could not do it because of the demonic pressure. She’s the one who fought single-handed with Her powers of destruction. In Her love for you She fought. She brought you to this level. And then She took a milder form of incarnation. Even during the time of all the gurus She took the form of, as you know, Janaki, was the daughter of Janaka. Then Fatima was the daughter of Mohammed Sahib and Nanaki was the sister of Nanaka. In those forms, these Powers sustained and nourished the Guru Tattwa and later on or sometimes simultaneously they incarnated in milder forms to help human beings to rise.

So today is the day of thanksgiving. As Guru Puja is a day of thanksgiving to your Guru, the One who has counselled you, the One who has told you about the truth, the One who has taught you the truth and has given you Realisation. And the Devi Puja is a thanksgiving where single-handed, just like a very loving mother, under Her sari She’s protected you, fought for you, fought with every enemy that is around, every sort of problems that existed and ultimately brought into Sahasrara level and then gave you Realisation. It’s a real thanksgiving to the Mother. So we can say Navaratri’s like a Mother’s Day where you give thanksgiving to Her, which was just relentless, continuous working for Her children.

Shri Mataji, 1985

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Sahaja yoga meditation radio programs are being hosted at 2MCE FM Bathurst, NSW (Charles Sturt University, Bathurst) on a fortnightly basis.

Here are some news and feedback regarding the radio programs.
A lady mentioned, “I was driving and felt very relaxed. I’ve never encountered something like that. The music was great. I did not know the chakras were in our hands!”.

Michelle (2MCE program coordinator) added, ” When their program is on, the atmosphere in the office changes completely. It is peaceful and no one gossips against anyone.”

It is really a great station and we get to meet other presenters and future presenters who ask us about our program and show a genuine interest. The staff are really supportive. One of them said, “To be presenters is a real privilege, is an honour! As soon as people tune in, you are invited into so many homes, offices, cars.”
We are really enjoying preparing the programs and playing at being panel operators, presenters, weather forecast announcers, DJs, meditators.

A little anecdote: we were deeply enjoying one of the meditations in our second program so much we totally forgot to put on the National News. No one complained and we had a good laugh!
If you are not around Bathurst (93.2FM) or Orange (94.7 FM) and you want to listen to this program, we can be heard every second Monday at www.2mce.org between about 1.30pm and 3.30pm, right after the local news. Click on “Audio downloads/streaming” on the top of the homepage then on the second “here”.
The 2MCE Sahaj radio team

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Part of the Cosmos
Part of the Cosmos

I am not my mind.
I am not my ego, so vain.
I am not my body
With all its passions and pains.

I am not my profession,
Nor inspiration, nor art.
I am not all these things –
This I feel in my heart.

I am bathing in Cosmic rays
In Eternal Love of God
I am only Pure Spirit –
Nothing else in the World.

Vladimir Mikhanovsky

Vladimir Mikhanovsky. Hope Faith Love: The Road to God. Pune, India: Nirmal Transformation, 2007.

(Photograph: NASA, Hubble telescope)

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